Quote of the Week: Blixa’s Information Science

From a San Francisco Chronicle interview with Einstürzende Neubauten figure Blixa Bargeld, in response to the question as to where “Blixa Bargeld’s music should be filed between”:

“…” and “…” In vinyl times (the ’70s), I remember being disillusioned with what I could find in any category. I remember finding records like “Sleep Gently in the Womb” by a Japanese medicine professor compiling sounds of what (an unborn) baby would hear on Side A, and on Side B connecting it with classical music. That was an excellent record. Unfortunately it melted under a lamp. I would like to be filed in categories like that where wandering spirits like myself could find me. I wish I could just say I have my own category. But then they’ll start filing other people in there, and I’m not happy with them, and what do I do then? Nothing in the filing world is happiness.

Read the full Q&A at sfgate.com. More on Bargeld at blixa-bargeld.com.

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