Guit-ronic Mix: 6 Solo 6-Strings

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Welcome to’s streaming-audio service. The interface immediately below will stream in sequence six recent favorites from the site’s Downstream section, which focuses on legally free downloads on the Internet — all six are solo recordings of guitar-based music, ranging from unmediated live performance to sounds that are heavily processed digitally. You can flip back and forth through the playlist using the small arrows. At the bottom of this post is additional information on each of the pieces.

[audio:,,,,,|titles=”Untitled #9″,”Patio de Luz”,”Arteline”,”A-7″,”Holden into Ryley”,Untitled live performance (April 24, 2008)|artists=Giuseppe Ielasi,Ann Deveria,Elisa Luu,Matthew Mullane,Mark Templeton,Aidan Baker]

The duration of this mixtape/playlist is 59:37.


Playlist Guide:

Please note that most of the links below in this post will result in pop-ups, so as not to interrupt the streaming audio.

Track 1. (Duration: 04:08.) In Giuseppe Ielasi's "Untitled #9," soon enough the gap between the guitar and its sonic surroundings has begun to blur, such is Ielasi’s alchemy. [More info: Label:]

Track 2. (Duration: 06:43.) Ann Deveria's "Patio de Luz" is a delightful layering of acoustic guitar, understated percussion, and light digital effects that only make themselves fully apparent as the nearly seven-minute track draws to a close. [More info: Musician: Label:]

Track 3. (Duration: 04:20.) There are glistening, cloud-like guitar patterns against pneumatic percussion on “Arteline” by Elisa Luu. [More info: Musician: Label:]

Track 4. (Duration: 03:35.) This solo guitar piece by Matthew Mullane, "A-7," begs the question if someone is ever truly playing solo when every note reverberates for several seconds before it even begins to fade from recognition. [More info: Label:]

Track 5. (Duration: 07:11.) The strings on Mark Templeton's "Holden into Ryley" are filtered through feedback loops, clipped and set on repeat like an album that’s reached the end of its groove. The piece features gentle arrays of microsonic play against a lightly glitchy texture. [More info: Musician: Label:]

Track 6. (Duration: 33:40.) Recorded on April 24, 2008, this live Aidan Baker concert ekes out a splendid haze of slow-build dawn-break stateliness. [More info: Musician: Label:]

I plan to do these mixes every month or so, but I wanted to get up this second mix shortly after the first, just to make sure there's a variety of material here right from the start.

NB: To the best of my knowledge, my promotion of these tracks in this manner is all above board. However, if you represent any of these tracks and/or artists and feel that they are being inappropriately utilized here, please contact me directly at [email protected], and I'll rectify the situation promptly.

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