Vlad Makarov “Multicello” MP3s

The live-music catalog at archive.org is largely the domain of jam bands, home as it is to the collected Grateful Dead performances, and endless reams of Jack Johnson, Tim Reynolds, and others. But democracy is a funny thing, and often the material that is most downloaded (one of the many means by which the Archive parses use of its holdings) is far from immediately groovy or accessible. Listed among the top 10 items downloaded this past week, for example, is Multiplying Real Multicello, a work of analog-delay cello by Vlad Makarov, a Russian free-improv musician. It’s a sprawling, 20-track collection, prime examples being one which envelops like a confluence of bug noise, or whirring, intimidating buzzing (MP3):

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/ca216_vm/02_306.mp3|titles=”02 – 306″|artists=Vlad Makarov]

And another, which opens with over a minute of something close to analog techno, before Makarov takes to detuning and scraping his instrument (MP3):

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/ca216_vm/05_243.mp3|titles=”05 – 243″|artists=Vlad Makarov]

Get the full set of 20 pieces, and additional information, at archive.org. More on the performer at myspace.com/vladmakarov and letov.ru/makarov and makvlad.livejournal.com, though the text is mostly in Russian.

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