Prefuse 73/Savath & Savalas MP3

Not every electronicist’s venture into song pays off. For every successful Matmos-inflused Björk track, there’s a Photek-backed rap to provide a counterbalance. Ãœber-prolific Guillermo Scott Herren (better known as Prefuse 73), gets his song-form energies out as part of Savath & Savalas, which teams him with Eva Puyuelo Muns and Roberto Sarlos Lange for languorous pop where the vocals are ethereal and choral, and the groove is slow as a summer breeze. The group’s new album, La Llama, is also its debut on the Stones Throw record label, which means it’s something of a stretch for everyone involved. For Stones Throw, it’s a welcome step toward broadening its roster, which tends toward the indie hip-hop (it’s where Madlib makes his home, as did the late J Dilla). For Herren/Prefuse, it’s a moniker under which he can put aside his emphasis on rhythm and glitch in favor of something soothing, but still headphone-centric. The label put up the title cut for free download (MP3), and the album is due out this coming Monday.

[audio:|titles=”La Llamaa”|artists=Savath & Savalas]

More details, including a brief interview with Herren, at

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