Disquiet in Los Angeles Gallery Exhibit

Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca is a talented writer and artist who lives in Los Angeles. I’m particularly fond of his texts, which have a richly atmospheric quality, and often involve a kind of literary remixing. He has, in the past, taken classic science fiction stories, as well as the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and twisted them to his own purposes.

I was invited to contribute to an upcoming gallery exhibit focused on Vaca. With a nod to Jorge Luis Borges, he has written brief texts describing 14 different imaginary libraries, and various individuals are presenting works that riff on or otherwise illustrate, illuminate, or pay tribute to Vaca’s fictional institutions. Mine has to do with an Instrumental Music Library that Vaca dreamed up. More details to follow.

Below are images of the front and back of the flyer for the exhibit. There’s an opening reception on Saturday, April 4, at the gallery, Crewest in Los Angeles, that is hosting the show, which will run through April 30. The show is titled Infinite Libraries.

More information on the gallery at crewest.com. Visit Vaca at chamanvision.com.

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