Mystified’s Self-Remix MP3s

About a year ago, Thomas Park, who records as Mystified, released a five-track collection of atmospheric synthesis, titled Altered Signals, all of it sourced reportedly from broadcast sound, and then transformed by Park’s musical alchemy. The music was meditative and rich; seemingly quiet, but when played loud it revealed serious depth. Now Park has updated the collection, adding beats to each of the five tracks, which makes for an entirely new listening experience, and for a study in contrasts.

For example, the slowly roiling “Science of Change” now has a pixel-perfect beat running through it (remix: MP3), and the white noise of “Bell Cloud” has this static-electric techno added in (remix: MP3), which lends tension and form.

I’ve set up the following five channels, so that each pairing can be heard in parallel. Note four of the five tracks are the same length in both the remix and the original, but the original of “Science of Change” was an outlier originally, at half an hour, and was trimmed by Park in the production of the remix. In each, I put the original version of the piece first, and Mystified’s self-remix of the track second:

[audio:,|titles=”Altered Signals”,”Altered Signals Remix”|artists=Mystified, Mystified]
[audio:,|titles=”Bell Cloud”,”Bell Cloud Remix”|artists=Mystified, Mystified]
[audio:,|titles=”Vocal Tremors”,”Vocal Tremors Remix”|artists=Mystified, Mystified]
[audio:,|titles=”Octavepus”,”Octavepus Remix”|artists=Mystified, Mystified]
[audio:,|titles=”Science of Change”,”Science of Change Remix”|artists=Mystified, Mystified]

Read about the initial release at More on Park/Mystified at

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