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There are some musicians who seem to make more music than most people listen to, among them the ever admirable Robert Henke (aka Monolake), who continues to post free monthly downloads at his website. The latest is a score he did for a flight simulator developed for Lufthansa. More info at The track is midtempo techno, with disparate beats, foreboding pounding, and the ongoing appearance of plane noise and pilot-airport dialog.

He describes the simulator as follows:

    A joystick allows players to navigate themselves from outer space down to earth and fly around the globe, whilst observing all flights of the Star Alliance fleet. The position and movement of the planes is an exact model of the real situation, based on the current flight plan of the Star Alliance members. The player can speed up the movement, freeze it, or tell the simulation to display all or a selection of the fleet as lines connecting source and destination airports. In all cases the player can move their point of view freely around and observe the situation from any point in space.

Henke posts these free tracks with certain rules, including an admonition against linking directly to the MP3 file, so just proceed to It should be up at least through the end of the month.

2 thoughts on “Monolake Video Game MP3

  1. Hi Marc, thanx for posting this. Just a little correction: The jet lag track is just inspired by the lufthansa works. The flight simulator sound itself has no beats, but is six channel surround, and the planes really fly above your head if you navigate thru the air-traffic. Too bad this is not open to the general public….

    Cheers, Robert

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