Three Lengthy Drones by Mise en Scene (MP3s)

The three tracks that constitute Intermittent, a new release by Tel Aviv-based Shay Nassi, who records as Mise en Scene, are each committed acts of sonic exploration. They are each different, and each is focused on a specific core sound and mode — grinding drone on #1 (MP3), industrial churn on #2 (MP3), and metallic rumble on #3 (MP3) — and each avoids repetition in favor of slow change. What they have in common sonically at most involves a pattern on Nassi’s part of combining high- and low-pitched sounds, pairings that interact in a variety of ways, with the higher sound generally serving a kind of aural aura.

[audio:|titles=”Intermittent #1″|artists=Mise en Scene] [audio:|titles=”Intermittent #2″|artists=Mise en Scene] [audio:|titles=”Intermittent #3″|artists=Mise en Scene]

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