Junior Kimbrough v. Grassy Knoll MP3

Junior Kimbrough remixed by Grassy Knoll? Now, that’s my idea of a sonic Reese’s Pieces, my mix of musical chocolate and peanut butter — two wonderful things that are even better in combination. Kimbrough was one of the great late-generation bluesmen (hard to believe he passed on over a decade ago), a major presence on the inimitable Fat Possum label. Grassy Knoll is Bob Green, an influential figure in electronic music, especially where late fusion and early sampling overlap. “Done Got Old” is one of two remixes Green reports that he did for the label. It’s a slow, rumbling cut, ace repetitions emphasizing the Zen rigor of Kimbrough’s stoic blues, hazily echoed vocal soundbites lending an understated trip-hop allure, and the whole thing laced with rippling instrumental jamming (MP3).

[audio:http://www.feedtheenemy.com/audio/donegotold.mp3|titles=”Done Got Old”|artists=Grassy Knoll remixing Junior Kimbrough]

More on Green at his feedtheenemy.com website.

2 thoughts on “Junior Kimbrough v. Grassy Knoll MP3

  1. Very cool – have you heard RL Burnside’s record Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down? Cool hip-hop and electronic effects throughout. Ditto on Rick Holmstrom’s Hydraulic Blues

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