Listening Louder Than Purple (MP3s of Olafur Eliasson)

Probably no artifact has stood as strongly for the touring Olafur Eliasson art exhibit Take Your Time as have photos of the purple refractions of his “One-way Color Tunnel” (2007). The tunnel, a narrow shoot of glass the color of a refined kaleidoscope, provides a physical entry point into his richly visual world. Much of Eliasson’s work involves such immersion, and it’s to sound innovator John Kannenberg‘s credit that he thought to focus in the audio dimension.

In a recent post at his blog, the third in a series of field recordings taken surreptitiously around Chicago, Kannenberg provided MP3s recorded in two Take Your Time settings. There is the “fine mist,” as he puts it, of “Beauty” (1993), heard here as an almost impossibly luxurious spray (MP3), and the imposing threat of “Ventilator” (1997), in which an over-sized fan swings overhead like a chaotically threatening guillotine (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Velcro Beauty”|artists=John Kannenberg taping Olafur Eliasson] [audio:|titles=”Ventilator”|artists=John Kannenberg taping Olafur Eliasson]

More on the Eliasson exhibit at the websites, where Kannenberg saw it recently, and, where I did, back in late 2007.

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