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  • Gym music: zoned out to what turned out to be, accidentally, the @lastfm Godflesh station simultaneous w/ Cliff Martinez's Espion(s) score. #
  • So much good new music lately — new scores by Martinez & Mansell, and now there's a second Jon Hassell-related album in 2009, Siwan (ECM). #
  • Radiophonic streaming audio composition by Roger Mills this Sunday. More info at — per (that is, RT) @menyui #
  • My URL shortcut is #
  • Taking of Pelham 123 = sound-porn. Great use of one of the few Jay-Z songs I like, plus helicopters, trains, and all manner of automobiles. #
  • Weekend: maybe Club Sandwich show tonight, fine-tuning pozole recipe tomorrow. Also reading, writing, transcribing, and some arithmetic. #
  • 11am sounds: typing; throat-clearing; air horn; lawnmower duet, one high, one low (despite no evident lawn nearby); voices below; motorbike. #
  • #followfriday on Twitter: boundary-pushing cartoonists @wcraghead & @mmaddencomics + knowledgeable music-heads @eleventhvolume & @earslend #
  • Taqueria Cancun for lunch. Something's different — oh, there's no blasting jukebox, just the grill and foot traffic and street noise. #
  • Afternoon visit to Prelinger Library, always inspiring. Gotta dig into Electron, an old Canadian electronics mag, & back issues of Cabinet. #
  • Morning gym music: Pixel's The Drive. #
  • Afternoon sounds: voices down below, ceiling-fan drone up above, typing and paper-ruffling throughout, radio set just at the edge of silent. #
  • Lugging a one-pound library book because I wanna finish its final 20 pages on the bus. #
  • I don't link too often to but this @thegrassyknoll remix of late bluesman Junior Kimbough needs to be heard: #
  • Cool new free iPhone app (rotating music, photo gallery) from @thegrassyknoll #
  • RIP, Soft Machine's Hugh Hopper: #
  • A search for "tenori" (as in tenori-on) in the Audio section of yields a null return? That seems unlikely, but it's what's up. #
  • Now at saxist Tony Passarell at Cafe Royal in SF. First guy to ever play me Live Evil & Agharta. #
  • Gym music: the recent Metallica, again. Yeah, I'm addicted. Anyone seen an instrumental edit of the full-length around? #
  • Morning sounds, back in SF: distant bus sounds like surf, laptop fan sounds like hair dryer, stomach sounds like it's time for dim sum. #
  • Home. London was freaking great. Arrive to sunny skies in SF. Almost done with del Toro novel (it's OK so far), and Burn Notice is on Tivo. #

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