David Fodel / Ardai Collaborative MP3 Album

The latest Stasisfield release, Recovery Room, is a collaboration between David Fodel and Ardai. The overall effect is sublime. While there’s an overarching sense of serious stillness, various tonal forms from distinct realms are brought together, often in stark — if at first indiscernible — contrast with each other. Bubbling below the quiet surface are discordant harmonies of mid-century experimental classical music, the sonorous haze of early ambient music, and the simple melodic structure of Erik Satie. Certainly all three of those realms have associations, but to hear them in one place is a unique experience — like a willfully less approachable Cocteau Twins. There are five tracks in all, one standout being “Stage 3” (the tracks are numbered one through four, with the fifth track titled “Last Stage”), which has a tiny percussive piano (at least, it sounds like processed piano) line amid murky depths (MP3).

[audio:http://www.stasisfield.com/mp3z_07/SF-7003-recovery-03.mp3|titles=”Stage 3″|artists=David Fodel and Ardai]

Get the full set at stasisfield.com.

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