Kabir Carter MP3 of Recycled Silence

Sound artist Kabir Carter locates the sound in silence by pushing the silence until it speaks out. He’s posted an excerpt of one such experiment, “Opening Closed Loops” (MP3), and it’s a classic example of how the unheard is just that: sound around us that serves as an unacknowledged foundation for all that we acknowledge we hear. What Carter’s “Opening Closed Loops” isn’t is a field recording — that is, a record that provides 20/20 audio hindsight. What it is is a system, in which silence is created, projected, repeated, contorted, gaining tension, texture, nuance, and grit with each passing stage. According to his explanatory note, “The title refers to the “closed loop” that normal communications operate within; the aim of the work is to gradually build layers of feedback that push through a closed communications system to a more abstract, chaotic, and poetic acoustic space.”

[audio:http://www.kabircarter.com/Opening%20Closed%20Loops.mp3|titles=”Opening Closed Loops”|artists=Kabir Carter]

More at kabircarter.com.

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