Electronic Viola Loops & Drones (MP3)

Loops of viola form the music of Dash, aka Jordan Dykstra, who recently recorded a live performance for the great KDVS radio show Phoning It In, on which musicians literally phone in a performance, playing over their phone (presumably a land line, not a cell). In his half-hour piece, Dysktra initially produces pulsing, rhythmic work, his electronic delay systems suggesting far more strings than any individual could ever play (MP3). Eventually, though, those pulses give way, melting and morphing into feedback-laden drones that have a sweet fragility to them.

[audio:http://www.phoningitin.net/files/shows/KDVS/2009/DASH%20-%20Phoning%20It%20In%2006_24_09.mp3|titles=”Phoning It In”|artists=Jordan Dykstra]

More on Dash at existentialmedia.org/thehop.

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