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  • Morning sounds in Los Angeles: hotel's air conditioner provides foley soundtrack for the distant but muffled freeway traffic. #
  • Excellent. Now have Windows 7 on my laptop, and the tablet software is fully functional. All that the latter took was a little auto-update. #
  • One vote in Windows 7's favor: installed at last minute before trip to LA, and aside from tablet support on my Fujitsu, it's working well. #
  • Late-night office sounds: traffic, photocopier, fluorescent lights. #
  • Headed to LA this coming weekend. Will be downtown & car-less thru Sunday afternoon. Visiting @crewest & @lacma — anything else going on? #
  • Weekly Tuesday siren: when it came to a close today it sounded like a record player slowing down after someone inadvertently pulled its plug #
  • Night sounds: the odd bus, distant car activity, ringing ears, grumbling stomach. #
  • RIP, musicologist David Drew (b. 1930), early proponent of the music of Olivier Messaien: #
  • The Eno/Byrne free remix compilation I put together just passed 29,000 downloads: #
  • Via @peterkirn a wise call to add a "music" category to the iPhone/Touch app store: #
  • Unscientific test: Which iPhone music app appeals most to my 14-month-old nephew? FingerBeat, followed distantly by Bloom in second place. #
  • Great fun last night at opening party for in San Francisco's Japantown. Highlight: meeting manga-ka Yuichi Yokoyama. #
  • RIP, Carleen Hutchins (b. 1911), violin maker and associate of spatial composer Henry Brant #
  • RIP, producer and musician Jim Dickinson, master of the sound of Memphis (Big Star, Replacements). RT @defjaf #

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