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  • The rumbling of the Outside Lands concerts — from inside the house, it's all tribal pounding. No melodies, no riffs, no hits. #
  • Compiling tracks for a friend's wedding party: instrumental hip-hop, various strains of country. Pondering a third, broadly defined genre. #
  • Commute audio synchronism: woman teaching son English & Japanese with talking dictionary; guy next to me practices bartender flash cards. #
  • A/B: Autechre's "Cfern" — original: & cover excerpt by Alarm Will Sound from a/rhythmia album: #
  • RIP, Ellie Greenwich (b. 1940), Phil Spector Wall of Sound colleague ("Leader of the Pack," "River Deep, Mountain High"): #
  • Earth Wind & Firefox, Swell IMAPs, RSS Kelly, PowerPoint Station #internetbands #
  • USB40, FTP-FUNK, Atom and the Ants, POP Will Eat Itself #internetbands #
  • Best audio-visual chance synchronism of the day: taxi driver doing exercise squats in Tenderloin in time with Nas instrumental on my iPod. #
  • 2nd best audio-visual chance synchronism of the day: bus makes stop outside my home just as announces its arrival in browser. #
  • Description of a surprise gunshot from Stark/Westlake's 12th Parker novel: "a flat, echoless clap in the middle of the sunshine." #
  • Evening sounds: hard drives, dish washer, the ping of an arriving email, the fizz of a bum fluorescent bulb. #
  • Just dialed the 212 phone number shown in Roy Lichtenstein's 1962 painting Desk Calendar, on view @mocalosangeles. It's been disconnected. #
  • The 16-screen Christian Marclay audio-video installation at @mocalosangeles is a must-see/-hear. All sounds and images of everyday objects. #

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