Dubstep Remix MP3s (Dr. Octagon, Nas), Straight Outta Cleveland

There’s a slowly building cache of dubstep being uploaded by Kansdesign to his soundcloud.com/kansdesign base camp — or, make that bass camp. The beat-intensive work is heavy with clubby reference points, but that’s not to dismiss the stuff as mere late-night party fare. One listen to his feral remix of “Blue Flowers” by Dr. Octagon, in which the original’s doe-eyed violin line is interwoven with space-alien synth pounding, is enough (MP3) to make even the most nightlife-evasive listener an instant fan. Likewise his take on Nas’s “Made You Look,” which dispenses with the original’s sure-to-please-mom backing track, and jumps hard with gun-shot downbeats and a sound that’s so eviscerated you’d think nanbots had shredded his amplifier (MP3).

[audio:http://soundcloud.com/kansdesign/bluefolwersdubstep/download|titles=”BlueFolwersDubstep”|artists=Kansism] [audio:http://soundcloud.com/kansdesign/made-you-look-kans-edit/download |titles=”Made You Look (kans edit)”|artists=Kansism]

Cleveland’s own Kansism (aka Allen Wagner) also makes his home at twitter.com/kansism.

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