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  • The Informant! easily has more melody than do all other Steven Soderbergh films combined. Marvin Hamlisch will get many many awards. #
  • Weekend agenda: maybe Godwaffle Noise, Domizil, and ICST here in San Francisco. … Last night: great Gail Wight talk down at Stanford. #
  • Each generation manages to enjoy what the previous generation hated. Girl Talk's genius is enjoying so much of it simultaneously. #
  • Love working on an alley, and in a city, where in the morning I can hear the cry of a tamale dealer and the rattle of her cart. Tasty, too. #
  • Confirming suggestion by @boondesign that Gentleman Losers make a great soundtrack for the small office. #
  • Top searches on are always interesting. Today the top 5 were "dubstep," "beta cloud," "static," "moca," and "Buddha Machine." #
  • Tonight: ramen. #
  • Afternoon sounds: muffled conversation, printer whir, typing, creaking chairs, dishes in sink, footsteps, paper crumpling. #
  • FM3/Throbbing Gristle device Gristleism is live: + Phillipe Starck iPhone app mix: #
  • Input appreciated on site-design upgrade. Great participation thus far going on here: #
  • RIP, Art Ferrante (b. 1921), of film/TV piano duo Ferrante & Teicher: #

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