Electronic Minimalism, Pulses and All (MP3s)

Much ambient and otherwise minimal electronic music bears the hallmarks of what’s known in classical music as “minimalism,” but few musicians accomplish this cross-pollination with the melodic alacrity of Segue. That’s the name under which Vancouver, Canada-born, Washington, DC-based Jordan Sauer records his pulsing, flowing, time-slowing wonders, like the three tracks that comprise his recent album, In with the Out, Old with the New. Released last month on the IOD netlabel, the record is rich with pieces that mix clockwork patterning with sinuous intent. Only one of the tracks is available for streaming, the rapid “Adventure” (MP3), which balances its staccato vocabulary, all miniscule little rhythmic items that sound like a china shop during an earthquake, with a glacial melodic structure.


The full set, however, is available for download as a Zip archive at semlabel.com/IOD.

More on Segue/Sauer at duckbay.net.

2 thoughts on “Electronic Minimalism, Pulses and All (MP3s)

  1. Hey, Jordan definitely is worth highlighting. Thanks for the link, this is what I’ll be listening to this morning.

    Jordan also contributed a long-playing creeper of a track to our “Digital Dub” issue of Vague Terrain. It can be downloaded here.

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