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  • Back to the Futurism, tonight: Luigi Russolo / Metal Machine Manifesto — Music for 16 Intonarumori at Yerba Buena — #
  • So much fog out, it's imaginable that it squelches the fog horns. #
  • Sirens and helicopter noise seem more conspicuous in San Francisco, if not more prevalent, since Trauma debuted on TV. #
  • The Tuesday noon siren rings on a Thursday: 10:15 on 10/15. Weird to hear the sound out of temporal context. Hope it never means something. #
  • Saw the Pogues, who still rock. The penny whistle is the stiletto of rock, the way it pierces the raucous rollick. (No Longplayer, though.) #
  • Last evening before the new neighbors move in. Enjoying final hours of several months of footstep-less-ness and backyard-noise-less-ness. #
  • Support @hecanjog solo electronic-music November tour and get a 7", a 12", a good feeling, and much more: #
  • What we learned on Fringe last week: Dr. Bishop likes Yes, Dr. Bell likes Jerry Garcia, & Chris Squire's bass doesn't sound great on my TV. #
  • Woke up to find new Jonathan Lethem novel on my iPod Touch. Kindle software's a nice way to shop, especially on rainiest day of the year. #
  • Eating some pizza, learning about Ableton. #
  • College student on bus, seat close to mine, had iPod stolen and was hit in face. On the scene, police said it's "the fourth one tonight." #
  • This week's Disquiet MP3 Discussion Group is yapping it up about the Italian duo Tu M's album Monochromes Vol. 1 (Line): #
  • Holland Cotter asks of the Obamas's art choices: "Couldn’t they have opted for … a Sound Art piece in the Rose Garden?" #
  • The "Music" section at is like with instructions. #

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