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  • Just had that "wish there was something I could listen to while I'm listening to this" feeling. Must be a word for that. #
  • Finally saw Visual Acoustics, great doc film on architecture-photographer Julius Shulman. Good lite-glitchy score by Charlie Campagna. #
  • Morning sounds: five hard drives whirring, three ice cubes crackling, one bus passing. #
  • Was wondering about recent Japanese/日本語 Tenori-On chatter. It's "TNR-O," a cheaper edition: #
  • One step closer to the Throbbing Gristle”“FM3 Gristleism machine. Video of the gadget: #
  • ♫ Free afternoon audio-stream: The No Type collective organizes catalog by theme ("beats," "loud," "soothing," etc.): #
  • Wishing iPod Touch audio-game apps worked their algorithmic magic on songs contained inside the firewalled fortress that is iTunes. #
  • ♫ Free afternoon audio-stream: dubby gitch (glitchy dub?) and epic whorls from Kallabris/Legowelt on Entr'acte: #
  • The 193 other things that "IDM" can stand for, in addition to "Intelligent Dance Music": #
  • Morning sounds: typing, bird song, bus rattle, hard-drive hum, old-timey Chinese music on radio passing by front of house. #
  • RT @rddy Shimokitazawa redevelopment debate, clarified: (i.e., what's happening to one of Tokyo's most happening hoods) #
  • Yow. Evernote for Windows (aka 3.5 Beta 3) major improvement over predecessor. If you de-installed 3.5, good time to jump back in. #
  • Any word on when YamiPod will work with the iPod Touch? #
  • Week's best TV sound design: office full of ringing phones (Mad Men, 11/1); futurist-Muzak version of theme song (Good Eats, 11/2). #
  • MP3 Discussion Group this week is of two recent and lush drone albums, both by Mountains: Choral and Etching. Join in at #
  • New Don DeLillo book, Point Omega, due in 2010. Like Jonathan Lethem's Chronic City, sounds like literary Fringe: #
  • Halloween night, and what sound wasn't heard? The doorbell ringing. #
  • Gym music: bunch of netlabel releases, new Forced Exposure stuff, & an old Enduser / Larvae 12" (2006) — @adnoiseam addiction continues. #
  • Listening to John Kannenberg field recording on repeat. Wondering if the loud birdsong confuses the winged creatures in the backyard. #
  • Gym music: new Broken Note album on Ad Noiseum, increasingly a favorite label of mine. Humorous number of candy wrappers on the gym floor. #

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