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  • Weird. The "Conference DJ" (at a tech event) in the film Up in the Air is none other than Cut Chemist. #
  • ♫ Link to aforementioned Dutch downtempo beatcraft: #
  • ♫ Afternoon listening: Netherlands's Piyojo (aka Rik Möhlmann) does up some sloppy, slow, slurry beats of found sounds and old synth noises. #
  • RIP, Eric Woolfson (b. 1945), co-founder of Alan Parsons Project. I was never a fan, but the band connected classical & rock for many. #
  • Trying out Evernote's Android app, currently in beta. OK so far. #
  • ♫ Afternoon listening: electronic sustain + stringed kid's toy = 7 minutes of attenuated ambience by Kevin R. Seward: #
  • Unsilent Night San Francisco: Sat, 12/19, 7:30pm, Mission Dolores Park. Details for SF and two dozen other cities: #
  • Municipal lightning: the traffic-cam capturing cars (along with less easily identifiable bicycles) running a red light after dark. #
  • Artist Gail Wight put a brain in a jar of honey, & made mandalas of ancient bones. My piece on her is in the new Nature: #
  • ♫ Afternoon listening: 12k's Taylor Deupree does up some gamelan extrapolations: #
  • I love the little orange dot on newly uploaded tracks telling me I haven't listened to them yet. #
  • MP3 Discussion Group: Is Black to Comm's 'Alphabet 1968' genuinely psychedelic, speed drone, freak-forest-folk, or AOTA? #
  • Justin Green's classic comic 'Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary' getting the McSweeney's hardcover treatment: #
  • Got my #gristleism box in the mail today. Just cannibalized a @buddhamachine for two AA batteries for the initial test run. #
  • ♫ Afternoon listening: beautifully dreary track "Cecil Andrew" from Tom White's forthcoming album on label Hibernate: #
  • Looks like rumors of the Technics 1200's imminent demise may be overstated, thanks to research by @tpendlebury via @dtauvdiodr & @stringbot #
  • Is this true? Technics 1200s are being shut down? RT @matterandrew @fbjournal #
  • Morning sounds: the white noise of hard drives below, and of s distant plane above; gravity heater turns on briefly; a passing car. #
  • Ninja Assassin, true to genre, is sonic-sensory overload, notably a sequence when the hero wears a blindfold for a full year while training. #
  • The otherwise beautiful church bells are a nagging reminder that the day is (already) half over. #

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