Wintry Field Recordings from Taylor Deupree (MP3s)

The end of the calendar year also means the end of various year-long pursuits, such as Taylor Deupree’s ongoing one-sound-a-day project, which he’s hosted at the, the website of the label that he runs. The project has provided nearly daily little MP3s, tiny sonic diary entries that record his environment or his studio experimentation. Occasionally the entries intermingle those two categories, since Deupree employs field recordings in his atmospheric music.

Here are three recent recordings, dated from December 11, 10, and 9: a recording of his bird feeder (MP3: “let the birds eat and poke around the recorder”), snow and strong wind (MP3), and some gentle fun with his looper and what he describes as “some small instruments” (MP3):

[audio:,,|titles=”birdfeeder”,”snow and strong wind”,”looper fun”|artists=Taylor Deupree,Taylor Deupree,Taylor Deupree]

Visit the full project at

It’ll be interesting to see, come early January, what new calendar projects arise on the web.

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