Ghost Tour of a Radio Station (MP3s)

Come over noise fans, whole lotta static going on. The new record Circuits Channel Airs by Souns (aka Michael Red) is a tour of every corner of every room and of every noise-emitting device at a Co-op Radio Facility in Vancouver. It’s a ghost’s tour, with Red/Souns having done his best to remove himself from the premises. As he writes in a lengthy liner note, “The intent was to collect only non-human sounds, so I used a very ‘hands off’ approach. If I ever touched a piece of gear while recording, it was with the most minimal assertion — moving a switch or nob one piece at a time, with as little intention or energy behind the movement as possible.” The record consists of six tracks, which in the detailed liner notes are annotated, to the second, listing where and what is being recorded. For example, track 4 (“Main Floor. Stereo Box Airs,” MP3) is:

c) 0:00 – bathroom d) 0:13 – kitchen e) 0:18 – Control Room A f) 0:40 – Studio g) 0:41 – Control Room C h) 0:42 – Panasonic portable stereo system i) 1:11 – upstairs j) 1:12 – upstairs fan k) 1:16 – upstairs hole in the wall l) 1:17 – Membership Outreach Office m) 1:19 – Studio Tech Office n) 1:20 – alleyway o) 2:08 – Circuit Test Generator

Those letters are each associated with points along a map provided as part of the release:

[audio:|titles=”Main Floor. Stereo Box Airs”|artists=Souns]

Get the full set at the Panospria netlabel (at and at

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