Ambient-Leaning Post-Rock, or Vice Versa

The Unrecognizable Now have, of late, been up to their ambient-leaning, post-rock tricks (or perhaps it’s post-rock”“leaning, ambient tricks) in a recording studio, and are sharing some of what they’ve come up with. A recent track, posted an Unrec member Marc Fischer‘s blog, is five-plus minutes of what could be an early Terry Riley exploration of oceanic rhythms or, in more contemporary terms, a Tortoise practice in dronescaping (MP3). Despite the willfully fluid format of the music, there is a compositional quality to it, how nodes of harmonic specificity come to overlap, and how little rifflets suggest development that has aspirations to be as melodic as it is tonal.

[audio:|titles=”Vision+Hearing Piece”|artists=Unrecognizable Now]

More on the duo of Fischer and his partner, Matt Jones, who perform as Unrecognizable Now with live visuals by Rob Tyler, at, and at, from which the below image is borrowed.

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