Bulgarian-tinged British Instrumental Hip-Hop (MP3s)

Back in the heady days of fusion, and later on repeat during the heights of acid-jazz, texture was perhaps the discernible feature distinguishing depth from froth. The rough, saliva-tinged exaltations of Miles Davis kept his electric-era work grounded — in contrast with the high-tone lounge music of his third-generation descendants. On the fifth and penultimate track of Innereyefull‘s EP of hip-hop-derived instrumentals, Blunted Soul, “Kickin Back,” a light bit of vinyl noise opens the track. What follows is a solid groove that edges into psychedelia, slowing the head to a nod, an echoed vocal sample occasionally punctuating the molasses-mode tempo. What makes the track stand out from the collection is how that surface noise comes to serve as part of the rhythm, part of what proves to be an especially addictive downtempo shuffle (MP3).

Likewise “Flipside,” with which the album closes — here it’s a horn, the standard signifier of jazz, that is the source of the track’s distinction. The horn is melodious, but warped, a slightly sour effect that finds a tasty parallel between the effect of a mute and of a slowed turntable (MP3)

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/DWK049/Innereyefull_-_05_-_Kickin_Back.mp3 |titles=”Kickin Back”|artists=Innereyefull] [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/DWK049/Innereyefull_-_06_-_Flipside_feat_Violent_Public_Disorderaz.mp3|titles=”Flipside”|artists=Innereyefull feat. Violent Public Disorderaz]

Get the full release at dustedwax.org. More on Innereyefull, aka British musician Andy Kent, at myspace.com/innereyefulls. More on Bulgarian musician Dimitar Kalinov, aka Violent Public Disorderaz, who guests on “Flipside,” at myspace.com/violentpublicdisorderaz.

4 thoughts on “Bulgarian-tinged British Instrumental Hip-Hop (MP3s)

  1. Thanks, very nice. Reminds me a bit of Nightmares on Wax, and you are right about the textures. The kick drums on “Flipside” (my favorite, I think) are really clipping–it took listening to a few other tunes to decide the distortion was a feature and not a bug!

  2. Glad you dug it — a little bit of Funki Porcini, some early DJ Cam. The other tracks I liked OK, but those two really stood out. “Flipside” is my favorite, as well — it’s the slurry horn that caught my attention and made me listen all the more closely to the rest of it.

  3. Just a little notice :) Dimitar Kalinov is a founder and manager of Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel na he’s not a russian musician, but a bulgarian one :) Thanks for the wonderful review :) I would love to thank to The Deadbeats (Damian Stanley and David Estella) for the great appearace on Dusted Wax Kingdom with the wonderful remix of Innereyefull’s “Listen” :)

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