WHY?Arcka’s 26th and Final Arckatron Exhibits MP3

Major congrats to Philly-based outward-bound hip-hop and soul-cutup producer WHY?Arcka, aka Shawn Kelly, who has completed his 26-track series of free downloads, Exhibits A – Z, which he launched last year at arckatron.bandcamp.com.

Each entry in the Exhibits series takes a few brief snippets of familiar songs and creates something new out of these little bits of horns and voice, drums and strings, beats and bass. He’s chosen to close the run with “IHT/Goodbye,” a tribute to Black Moses himself, Isaac Hayes:

<a href="http://arckatron.bandcamp.com/track/exhibit-z-iht-goodbye">Exhibit Z: IHT/Goodbye by WHY?Arcka</a>

The track invents a heavy back beat where there wasn’t one, and introduces a funky counterpoint by layering and juxtaposing material that was originally heard in an entirely different sequence. Not short on aspirations himself, Kelly pays tribute to Hayes’s affection for suites by cutting short the track close to the end and taking it an entirely different, loungey, downtempo direction.

Track originally posted at arckatron.bandcamp.com. Again, congrats to WHY?Arcka. Can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next.

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