Cello-tronic Pop MP3

The electronically enhanced, endlessly looping cello of Ted Laderas, aka Ooray, makes regular appearances as part of the Disquiet Downstream series of recommended MP3s. His latest, “Marzo,” makes a somewhat surprising but nonetheless welcome departure from his by now formalized approach to thick, reverb-drenched walls of cello-derived sound, which often come to take the appearance of massive, improvised clouds of music.

“Marzo,” by contrast, feels fully composed, in part because the layering of cello never gets to that point where you can’t see the trees, only the forest, and also because it introduces a steady rhythm, which Laderas says he got by “beating the strings with the wood part of the bow.”

Original track at soundcloud.com/ooray. More on Ooray/Laderas at 15people.net, from which the above photo is borrowed.

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