40 Minutes of Small Sounds Mid-Transformation (MP3)

The squiggly, squirming sounds at the heart of Craque‘s “justBelow” are all too irritable, all too nervous, to ever retreat fully into the background, even though most of the initial ones in question are exactly the sort we train our ears to not pay attention to — the rush of air, little metallic clinking, slight textural roughness.

Heard here in a slowly evolving, nearly 40-minute improvisation, the raw materials (referred to by Craque generically as “electro-acoustic resources”) begin to come out of their hiding. There’s a whirly synth tone, as well as a slow hovering, that brings to mind a Bebe Baron analog UFO sound effect, and much more.

The piece needs to be heard straight through to be fully appreciated for what it is: an ever-shifting, ever-changing testament to transformation.

Original track at soundcloud.com/craque/justbelow. More on Craque, aka Matt Cooke-Davis, at craque.net.

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