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  • It's Brian Eno's birthday. He turns 62 today. Pulled a random Oblique Strategies card: "Accretion." #
  • Morning sounds in order: birdsong, comforter ruffling, floor creaking, hard drives whirring, heater clicking on, airplane overhead. #
  • Primer rising? Actual news story about a film that seems to in some way involve the elusive Shane Carruth: #
  • Guy Kyser & Roger Kunkel of Thin White Rope have reunited as a bluegrass band, Doc Holler. Hope they still cover Can's "Yoo Doo Right." #
  • Privacy aside, worst part of Facebok web insurgence may be that it's yet another thing to slow down web pages as they load. #
  • Two ice cubes in crackling in coffee. Very different meaning than the ice cubes just 11 hours ago. #
  • Two ice cubes in glass just succumbed to the whiskey's warmth and clinked like a tiny church bell. #
  • Neighbor's afternoon music: lulling bass throb thru 100-year-old walls. Mistaken for industrial activity; more likely industrial techno. #
  • The giant Zhang Huan sculpture has been unveiled near City Hall in SF. Better yet, a 14-year-old is playing electric guitar solo behind it. #
  • Evening sounds: kore (hard drives), sore (typing), are (airplane). #
  • Major thanks to @flavorpill & @maxwillens for the extended article on Atlantic-response album Despite the Downturn today: #
  • Thanks to @maxwillens for 2 interviews regarding the Atlantic-response album, Despite the Downturn: #
  • First fog horns in a while, resounding from the bay. Imagining they'd taken an ocean voyage during the fog-free downtime that is spring. #
  • Hip-hop/comics continuity: figuring out where the inside cover of the Beastie Boys' debut fits into the Stark Expo chronology in Iron Man 2. #
  • Any word on who is doing the score for Anton Corbijn's The American? #
  • Maybe symphony orchestras should set aside a balcony section for people who know they can't stop looking at their "smart"phones. #
  • Sunday morning sounds: birds exhibiting extroversion, hard drives emerging from comas. #

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