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  • Marvels of data sonification: What the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) sounds like, listening for the "god particle": #
  • 661: Number of songs sampled by DJ Premier according to #
  • 154: Number of songs sampling music produced by DJ Premier according to #
  • 6: Number of songs sampling Aphex Twin according to #
  • 3: Number of songs sampling Laurie Anderson according to #
  • 1: Number of songs sampling Randy Weston according to #
  • #ff @markemorse (amsterdam-based music), @rarebeasts (homebrew devices), @sun_boxes (sol-power sound art), @sjmusart (great museum) #
  • Bees are not swarming outside. That enveloping buzz is apparently the roar of horns from a neighboring TV broadcast of the #worldcup #
  • Delivery truck in reverse (beeping), photocopier in energy-save mode (light whoosh), hard drive of nearby unused computer (quiet whir). #
  • Multiple power drills = The Birds x Marathon Man. #
  • e-newsletter next Wed. has contest for recent Fatboy Slim/David Byrne/Imelda Marcos CD (this time for real) #
  • Another dead pair of earbuds (right channel out). Cheap or pricey, these things last maybe six months for me. #
  • Listening to a pre-release with ends cut to reduce piracy. Given ubiquity of slow fade, this always raises my expectations for proper close. #
  • Regarding those Thunderbird 3 memory-hog issues I was having, the current release candidate of 3.1 seems to solve them. #
  • The distant siren has been circling; its whine, muffled by distance, is that of a wounded animal: as if it's the thing that needs rescuing. #
  • RIP, Himan Brown (age: 99), radio legend: "[N]othing visual can touch audio. … [C]reak the door open, and … your head begins to go." #
  • Best thing about Apple event today (besides Bluetooth keyboard ♥ Phone/Touch on June 21) may be the simplification of "iPhone OS" to "iOS" #
  • Passing by a rolling rack of Faust costumes outside the War Memorial Opera House in SF, including some serious undergirding. #
  • Thunderbird 3 proving to be massive memory hog (Win7, 64bit). When I have lots of free time I'll try the 14-point doc: #
  • Morning's best sonic moment: when drone of approaching airplane emerged seamlessly from Tuvan moaning of the Richmond District foghorns. #
  • Speaking of which the 3.5" disk ended up having the third year of epulse on it, so I'm still looking for years 1 and 2, if anyone has 'em. #
  • Don't understand why just as desktops/netbooks head to cloud, apps are focus of phones. App craze is more consumerist than functionalist. #
  • Gotta love that kiosks in suburban malls offer iPhone un-locking services. #
  • Just got 3½-inch floppy disk from @jverlinde / @fbjournal of first few years of epulse, the email zine I founded for Tower Records in 1994. #

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