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  • Plane passing close to midnight. Very glad to be on the ground. #
  • Do all the great Neptunes productions follow the cadence of Sean Combs/Hitmen/LL Cool's "Phenomenon"? #
  • RIP, Tony Peluso (b. ca. 1950) who went from Carpenters guitarist to Motown producer to Gustavo Santaolalla collaborator: #
  • Once again astounded by how loud vacuum cleaner is. Easily the loudest object in this house, aside from potential inherent in stereo system. #
  • Is there a web site that estimates how long before a device is released and Levenger needlessly wraps it in leather? #
  • Enough helicopters circling in downtown SF to qualify as a flock. #
  • Feel bad that when the From address in an email is in Cyrillic, I immediately assume it's spam. #
  • As midnight approaches, nothing but a couple of hard drives — so much more quiet than morning. #
  • The @dropbox iOS app, as of version 1.2, "Exports doc[s]…into third-party iPad apps." Sounds promising. #
  • Realizing I still get MJ Cole and BJ Cole mixed up. #
  • Thanks to Minty Lewis / @mintylewis for drawing my new Twitter background. More info at #
  • Automatic Robert Ryman: construction-site tagging "removed" with large white painted-over rectangle. #
  • Automatic Nam June Paik: two massive old RCA televisions stacked high, screens facing in against the street-corner garbage bin. #
  • Automatic John Cage: rings of coffee cup stains on the back of my notebook. #
  • Switching (temporarily) from ear-canal buds to standard, loose-fitting earbuds is (literally) an ear-opening experience. The bus is loud. #
  • Fire up your boomboxes, San Franciscans. Unsilent Night”“style group soundscape event today at 7pm at Yerba Buena Gardens: #
  • It really isn't a meme until there's a dance remix. #
  • Sad to learn the label Highpoint Lowlife is closing but excited for new graphic novel project by its founder, @sideb0ard — via @earslend #
  • One of those mornings when the passing bus, rattling along singlemindedly, sounds like something from 100 or so years ago. #
  • RIP, Norwegian composer Arne Nordheim (b, 1931): #
  • Haul from @issuesshop in Oakland: new issues of Neural, Shook, & Music Works, plus How to Wreck a Nice Beach. #
  • One nice thing about interviewing musicians is they generally know how to speak into a microphone properly. #

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