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  • Few sounds combine the promise of comfort and the threat of bodily harm like that of a fast-moving ceiling fan in a small bedroom. #
  • RIP, the Kinks' Pete Quaife (b. 1943) — no surprise the band's bassist was its peacemaker: #
  • Trying to reconcile my deep affection for San Francisco's fog horns with the not unrelated phenomenon of multi-hour flight delays. #
  • So, @ascap attacks @creativecommons in fundraising letter. It's like attacking the Quakers. Good discussion going at #
  • iTunes challenges Microsoft's cumbersome bloatware: Hour into iOS 4 upgrade, 8gig Touch (gen 2) is 1/40th of way along status bar #cancel #
  • On a good day, using @rjdj in the city can feel like being in an extended sequence from Michael Winterbottom's film Code 46. #
  • Thank you, iTunes, for needlessly reorganizing all my iPod Touch apps into alphabetical order when upgrading yesterday evening. #
  • The new @hootsuite (a Twitter-management tool) web interface is great: better use of screen-space plus theming. #
  • Travel rule: don't install new software on laptop the night before a trip. #
  • The album Les Chinoiseries by Onra makes the perfect background music to recent novel For the Win by @doctorow #
  • Emerging from many continuous hours in the King Tubby & Co. channel at @grooveshark #
  • That MC Escher time of the year in San Francisco, when the color of the daytime sky matches that of the street. #
  • Drunk old man on the bus making much noise about preponderance of cellphones, in so many words. I think Roddy Piper played him in the movie. #
  • Wandered outta Matmos/So Percussion show on early side, fascinated as always so many people pay for opportunity to talk through a concert. #
  • The voiceover following today's noon test alarm in San Francisco sounded particularly placid, and thus all the more Orwellian. #
  • While using @rjdj on iPod Touch on bus, didn't realize that some of the audio doubling was a child repeating the automated announcements. #
  • City living means that a slight alteration in the sound of your neighbor's shower suggests that a new nozzle has been purchased. #
  • Tonight: Matmos & So Percussion @rickshawstopsf — very much looking forward to this. #
  • Disappointed iOS4 won't hook gen2 iPod Touch with Bluetooth keyboard. No luck on my G1 either. I could do equivalent 10 years ago on Palm. #
  • RIP, founder Kim Flint, aka @kimatorium — via @zoecello & @kingnever #
  • Dryer full, or assault-by-helicopter? #
  • Today I'll listen to albums I permanently borrowed from my dad when I left for college, notably Ornette Coleman's Body Meta. #mydadsmusic #
  • RT @mmaddencomics: RT @ubuweb: Cardew's score for 'Treatise' (1963-67): <- could have been in Abstract #Comics anthology #

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