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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • I'm interviewing Megan Kelso at noon today at #APE & I made a mini-comic of the Disquiet "Sketches of Sound" series #
  • Morning sounds: cooing (baby), whirring (computers), stapling (stapler). #
  • Best thing about a new Clint Eastwood movie (Hereafter)? New Clint Eastwood score. #
  • [email protected]_Pause Cool Attenborough clip on tech-mimic lyre bird, especially because of incongruous preceding Medal of Honor ad #
  • There's a bird outside that sounds like tiny fireworks. #eartwit #
  • 3 bucks for browser app with dual panes. The iOS business plan can seem like a micropayment economy for every single keystroke and gesture. #
  • Squeaky bicycle passing by, or geese passing overhead? #eartwit #
  • Downward-torquing score cue in tonite's "Electric Sheep" Fringe ep when Olivia learns senator-shapeshifter isn't dead was totally a Lost cue #
  • Playing with soon-to-release upgrade of great music app; pondering how narrative of iterative change is part of app-consumption process. #
  • If Win7's marketing plan made us think we made it, the Notion Ink Adam's is to make us think the 1st product is the 3rd or 4th gen already. #
  • Great casual set of photos of Ava Mendoza performing live I still need to write about her strong new full-length record. #
  • Anyone in San Francisco able to recommend a good turntable-repair shop? #
  • ♫ Afternoon tune: a favorite from several weeks ago, the slow-day urban blues of Mike Rotondo's "Goodbye Mission Dub": #
  • Baby's gurgles from the front of the house, birds squawking past in the back. #
  • Morning sounds: bird song. Quite literally, as in concertedly singular. One bird, one song. #
  • New Steve Reich remix contest is cool, but nothing against Bang on a Can, wish they'd used @eighthblackbird track instead #
  • Susan Philipsz now the first sound artist nominated for Turner Prize: (Winner to be announced Dec 6.) #
  • Wish people would stop saying T-Mobile G2 has "stock" Android 2.2. It doesn't. It may not have a corporate skin, but it lacks Froyo hotspot. #
  • Really interesting this Nazi-reenacting-politician story takes place at the same time as this EA Medal of Honor war-play story. #
  • ♫ Afternoon ambient stream: "binaural harbour recordings" + "contact mic stuck to…neck of a guitar" by @cjherbert #
  • 407,380: The number of horns required to fell the walls of Jericho, according to @wnycradiolab #sonicwarfare #
  • has passed the 100,000-sound milestone, in just over five years. #
  • Composer Andrew Violette only really likes the second movement of 4'33"; "The others, he says, are too short": #
  • New "European sound art network" now centered at and @resonancenet #
  • [email protected] @dizzybanjo Partly think Underworld is 100% correct (excepting @justinlassen's point re: contests). Wish stems always available. in reply to tricil #
  • Where does Underworld charging $3.99 for the stems in its "Bird 1" remix contest sit on the "prosumer" continuum? #
  • Thanks to Megan Kelso for the kazoo background image at as part of "Sketches of Sound" series: #
  • If you haven't heard, Steve Reich's 2×5 (essentially two rock bands set in minimalist opposition) is available for remix: #
  • Nearing midnite. Dishwasher, mid-cycle. Washing machine, end-cycle. Both past their prime & all the more endearingly rattly for it. #eartwit #
  • [email protected] Yeah, that's what I'm getting at — for original tweets and retweets. #soundtwit is good. Maybe #eartwit — a little shorter. in reply to soundblog #
  • So, @emusic signs up another big label, and raises prices again. Search still abysmal (e.g., can't combine keyword and genre in search). #
  • Wanted: A sensible #hashtag for when re-tweeting descriptions of quotidian sound. #twittear #tweetscape #twittscape #twittaural #
  • RT @heyexit Urban hum extra loud & spikey tonight. Some pretty serious lightning in the background. Thunder just hangs forever. #twittear #
  • Reminder: I'll be interviewing Megan Kelso noon this Sat., 10/16, at #APE Her kazoo drawing will adorn my Twitter page starting tomorrow. #
  • Matmos on Wobbly/Lesser collaboration, Simultaneous Quodlibet: "Privileging flows and dissolves over crowded rest stops": #
  • Morning listening: the new Corridors (aka Byron Westbrook) album on Sedimental. Liner notes require headphones or widely separated speakers. #
  • Many thanks to Paul @apfrod for having submitted to my music-app interrogation regarding his wonderful ShapeSeq: #
  • Reply from @creativecommons regarding CBC dust-up about non-commercial licenses: #
  • Tom Phillips show (Flowers NYC: 10/7-30) includes '69 piece in style of his Starless & Bible Black (King Crimson) sleeve: #
  • Every time I try a different step sequencer, I end up trying to make a fake Alva Noto track. Right now, that's in TweakyBeat (iOS). #
  • Something oddly intimate when people's Kindle annotations pop up in Twitter — like they're on the can or in bed. #
  • After Fleet Week ("after," he writes, hopefully), that jumbo jet in the sky looks and sounds absolutely lumbering. #
  • “I miss the sound of the electric train.”Former army captain Vu Trong Thuan, 80, on the lost Hanoi: #
  • The city of Hanoi, Vietnam, celebrates its 1,000th anniversary today. (I really want to go back. It's been eight years.) #
  • [email protected] "Major estate sale finds yesterday … three-LP set of train sounds"? Please post some of this. in reply to alexismadrigal #
  • Ah, there was no cross-browser CSS issue with Chrome; it just needed to be refreshed. This is the start to a good day. #
  • Fog horns especially maudlin this morning. They must be mourning Solomon Burke (RIP; b., 1940). #
  • Wondering why the photo-caption CSS I devised looks lovely in Firefox, and not so in Chrome. Yet to look at it in Safari or IE9… #
  • Looking into @cbc @creativecommons dustup. Interesting Sept 2009 CC doc about term "noncommercial" I'm now digging into: #
  • Got new Wobbly/Lesser/Matmos LP from @aquariusrecords but it's too beautiful outside to stay inside and listen to vinyl. Even orange vinyl. #
  • Oh to be in Milan, Italy, at the end of Oct: "Field Recording Workshop: 'Movement of acoustic images'" via @usoproject #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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