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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Sony "reportedly ceased production of all cassette Walkmans and will stop selling them in Japan as soon as the current inventory runs out." #
  • In this week's The Good Wife, alarm of car being battered by character beats in time with song on soundtrack. #tvsonics #
  • In this week's NCIS, binaural audio of recorded gunshots used to identify murderer's rifle. #tvsonics #
  • Alarmed, so to speak, to hear Tues-noon city-wide emergency siren on Thurs at 10:20am, not realizing it's a quake drill: #
  • Back from Sacramento, where I ran into someone at a concert from whom I had borrowed a paperback book in, like, 1993 or 1994. #
  • Cold night, most homes' windows closed, but on walk home there's communal if disparate cheering, no doubt related to Giants game. #
  • Digging into advance copy of forthcoming Brian Eno album. #
  • The more extremely vertiginous of Wayne Thiebaud's paintings have come to seem, to me, of a piece with Leb Woods's impossible architectures. #
  • When visiting Sacramento from San Francisco you need to adjust your ears to filter through sound of (seasonally present) air conditioning. #
  • The beautiful extension of the Crocker Art Museum (classic building with sleek contemporary wing) is like an expanded version of @sjmusart #
  • Photo of those four great Fred Dalkey portraits of (unidentified) Joseph Beuys at #
  • Great quartet of portraits by Fred Dalkey of (unidentified) Joseph Beuys at in Sacramento. #
  • Waking to motel's combination of vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers. And news of GarageBand's metric equivalent of AutoTune. #
  • ♫ Afternoon tunes: the tasty broken-funk mixes and mashes of Mogillah at #
  • Hotel sounds: freeway motion, passing service staff's keys, refrigerator rattles, children talking rapidly (correlates with pool proximity). #
  • Driving solo to Sacto; recalling what @andybattaglia9 once said to me about moving to NYC from ATL & missing solitude of car surround sound. #
  • The noon sirens are echoing formidably today, all 104 of 'em. #
  • Headed up to the state's capital (CA, that is) for 36 hours for some research. If anything #sound ish is going on, please lemme know. #
  • Rock'n'roll legend Leon Russell: "My hobby is silence" #
  • Karen M. O'Leary's amazing cut-out maps: Corresponds well with earlier Jill Silvia spreadsheets & way up @bldgblog alley. #
  • When I first read of @tylergreendc re-installing @sfmoma collection I thought it was some cool new web-based application #
  • Don't upgrade OS or install significant new software before trip. Don't upgrade OS or install significant new software before trip. Repeat. #
  • RIP, jazz saxophonost and Coltrane alum Marion Brown (b. 1935. via @pheezy #
  • Alfred Molina was a good Mark Rothko (hampered by script that played for laughs) but I really wanna see his mordant funnyman Morton Feldman. #
  • The issue with Android OS for me isn't fragmentation. It's that the root (so to speak) build remains a largely inaccessible Platonic ideal. #
  • Two more tracks from forthcoming Brian Eno CD, Small Craft on a Milk Sea, ("Horse," "Emerald and Stone"), now streaming: #
  • Excellent. Michael Brook scored the new David O. Russell film, The Fighter. #
  • Jill Silvia's dissected spreadsheets are like Agnes Martin mashed up with Bartleby the Scrivener: via @creativeapps #
  • Steve Layton, composer & frequent @sequenza21 contributor, has participated in the Steve Reich remix contest: via @aworks #
  • RIP, fractal mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot (b.1924), via @osakimandias via @Ihnatko #
  • Ooh, not just a new netlabel. A new netlabel from Oakland: @onyudo #
  • #APE highlights: Megan Kelso panel; Justin Parsons' I Ching; Jimenez Lai's architecture comics; new Clutch McB split (w/ Nicole J Georges). #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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