Insects & Artifice (MP3)

The track is titled “What Insects Dream Of,” but at least as it starts, those insects may not yet have dozed off. They’re heard clearly, a minor, buzzy infestation. Perhaps they’re snoring. Soon enough, though, a hazy drone comes to provide a backdrop: insect and artifice, natural noise and synthetic noise. And not long after, the artifice gets noticeably more melodic and deliberately rhythmic. At this point, it’s safe to say that our chitinous friends are deep asleep.

So, what do they dream of? Apparently the soundtracks of Bebe and Louis Barron and the warped records of Kid Koala. Based on this recording, insects dream of taking their natural sounds and making something human-musical out of it: elegant percussion, a veneer of impressionist tones, a hint at something narrative-like, programmatic.

The piece is by Matt Dean, who is based out of San Francisco. It was originally posted at More from Dean at

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