A Drone Is Like a Sausage Wrapper (MP3)

At close to eight minutes in length, “Tenuto” by Benjamin Dauer both seems to change and stay the same during its somewhat extended droning. The piece drones, but it isn’t a drone, at least to the extent that most drones aren’t drones, which is to say the extent to which, after just a small bit of observation, it becomes evident that there is an enormous amount of activity happening inside the drone.

The term “drone” is like a sausage wrapper, lending a sense of uniformity to what is, in fact, often a chaotic mix of constituent parts. Here that chaos includes a seeming orchestra, high notes like a flute solo, fluttering activity like a string section, a deep probing noise like nothing so much as an organ.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/benjamindauer. More on Dauer, who is based in Washington, DC, at benjamindauer.net.

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