New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • The is like the back room at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie: Moore, Collins, Ra, Oswald. #
  • Morning sounds: hard drive, baby kicks, shower, hail-like rain, ice crackling in coffee. #
  • Tonight’s Fringe included Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five.” Tribute to Brubeck drummer Joe Morello, who died this week? #
  • This morning, a small tornado a mile away, just off the coast. Now, serious thunder. Serious thunder in San Francisco. #
  • Note in March 17 update to Bloom (Eno/Chilvers iOS ambient app): “Improved polyphony (although Bloom is at its best when it plays sparsely)” #
  • â–º Nick Drake gets the super-slomo treatment: Background: #
  • Ah, the guy (Paul Leonard-Morgan) who did the music for Limitless also did some stuff for the BBC series Spooks. #
  • RT @preslav: slight typo in previous tweet – It’s Luke Munn, not Mumm…(@lukemunn). Great project” [Thanks! I reminisced about a bus.] #
  • My fave site now: (police scanners + music) by @idontlikewords reminiscent of @robinrimbaud via @notrobwalker #
  • Readers’ sound-related recollections are turned into audio by artist Luke Mumm: #
  • FM radio is clearly a conspiracy to diminish the public’s interest in music. #
  • RIP, Tsutomu Katoh (b. 19??), who founded Korg: via #
  • Dear News Professionals: The end result of a sports event is rarely if ever “breaking news.” #
  • [email protected] stream v download 1. bitrate, fidelity, continuity (buffer empty) 2. fixed or ephemeral medium; published/withdrawn [trust is key] #
  • Increasingly wondering if my preference for downloadable (versus streamable-only) music is more political/philosophical than practical. #
  • Fairly certain the lyrics to the new Burial/Four Tet/Thom Yorke song, “Ego,” were lifted from an early R.E.M. song. #
  • Great to see @carlstone & @pamelaz in concert last night: solo sets & for 1st time collaborating (mung bean”“inspired performance piece). #
  • Hans Zimmer scores Crysis 2 (via @nobuooo). Also: @iamclintmansell doing Mass Effect: 2011 = milestone game-music year. #
  • For the 12th monthly Sketches of Sound entry, thanks to Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca for this sine wave. More info: #
  • Sketches of Sound series has run for 12 consecutive months, thanks @dylanhorrocks @wcraghead @mrbiggsdotcom @mintlewis & others #
  • Thanks again to @LeelaOfNewYork for having drawn the Egyptian mizmar for my Twitter background this past month: #
  • [email protected] The essay I’d mentioned is “The Cathedral and the Bazaar,” collected in the book by that name by Eric S. Raymond. #
  • RIP, West Coast rapper Nate Dogg (b. Nathaniel Hale, 1969). #
  • I trust weather reports only slightly more than I do fortune cookies but is great: historical context & nifty UI. #
  • I try to start day writing, not with email, but glad I fell off wagon, because inbox held email from old friend from Tokyo, and she is OK. #
  • Thanks @jesperjacobsen & @artofplanning & everyone else at my @Academy_of_Art talk (“Making Stuff Together Separately”) this afternoon. #
  • Just my luck, I give an hour-long presentation to students — much focused on @soundcloud — and the site goes down. #
  • RIP, pioneering audio engineer and psychedelic explorer Owsley “Bear” Stanley (b. 1935) #
  • Yes, the Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco is absolutely chilling, coming just a few days after the Japanese quake and tsunami. #
  • All proceeds from @thicketapp sales from 3/11-3/31 go to Japan quake relief: #helpjapan via @joshue #
  • I’m giving an @Academy_of_Art talk today. The title is “Making Stuff Together Separately.” #copyleft #netlabel #beatbattle #ux #ccmusic #
  • [email protected] I make some. I have an office fan I need to upload. Mostly though, I consider my written descriptions a kind of recording. #
  • Morning sounds: desktop drive/fan (buzz), fridge (hum), passing bus (rumble). #
  • Japan situation is first serious ongoing news story in memory when email alerts of @latimes have regularly arrived before those of @nytimes. #
  • My favorite record store these days is @kickstarter #
  • Details on #netlabel #tsunami #fundraiser #
  • In honor of Joe Morello (RIP), four remixes of “Take Five”: #
  • RIP, drummer Joe Morello (b. 1928), the pulse behind Dave Brubeck’s 5/4 classic, “Take Five.” #
  • Misread this news headline this morning: “Report Blasts Oakland PD Reform Effort.” Thought it was about Pure Data. #maxmsp #sleepy #
  • RIP, Richard Campbell (b. 1956), founding member of viol group Fretwork #
  • Name “Nagra” comes from Polish word “nagrać,” which means “to record” (or Polish phrase “nagra,” which means “will record”) via @timprebble #
  • All profits from @12k_label online shop in March go to Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund @japansociety #
  • Morning sounds: one fewer hard drives than usual. Soon to be rectified. #
  • RT @xenijardin: Japan quake seismic data, “sonified” [ Eerie, indeed. Compare to Kobe data: ] #
  • Sign of the times: the word “laptop” currently appears once on the entire homepage of the @engadget website. #
  • Funny how my netbook hard drive expired two months past warranty and three days after iPad 2 launch. #
  • [email protected] You read Sakyo Komatsu’s The Sinking of Japan (aka Japan Sinks)? Very interesting, especially about planned diaspora. #
  • “Misreading” was the English dept’s idea of “glitch” before Comp Sci took over as ruling repository of world-explaining theory & practice. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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