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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Finally seeing Source Code. #
  • Ah, yeah. Exactly. Thanks RT @cinchel i usually use RIYL (recommended if you like) #
  • Is there a more readily recognizable acronym than "LIYL" for something like "listen if you like" (for music recommendations by comparison)? #
  • Continuously mistaking overprotected iPhone 4s for Nintendo DSs #newkindasidetalkin #
  • The pile drivers are just enough blocks away to be pleasant. #
  • A harp is a mass-produced prepared piano, right? #
  • My ongoing Luciano Berio research (copyleft, proto-sampling) should bubble up as something published in the next week. #
  • I listen to most netlabel releases I appreciate all the way through, often several times. It's no coincidence the 1st track's often the best #
  • Early evening sounds: thunder-like wind, motorcycles, cars, bus, the scraping of a child against a floor that is newly accessible by crawl. #
  • Thanks, @The_Jenius // @emh2625 I'm looking for a (former?) drummer/designer/painter from NYC named David Taub, in his mid-50s. #
  • Worth a try: If anyone knows a (former?) New York drummer/designer/painter named David Taub, probably in his mid-50s, please lemme know. #
  • Strong wind echoes in the fireplace like thunder. #
  • RIP, Hubert Schlafly (b. 1919), developer (with actor Fred Barton Jr. & Irving Berlin's nephew) of the teleprompter #
  • Would that make Paul Auster Don DeLillo's Burt Reynolds? RT @saraivry I frequently confuse Don DeLillo and Dom DeLuise #
  • There's like a war for my calendar between Mills and CCRMA/Stanford. #
  • Surfer found dead at Ocean Beach, via @ob_kc ("Helmets are so not cool until you need one") @richmondsfblog #outerrichmond #415 #
  • Coming up for air from deep in the Berio. #
  • Video games are to generative art what churches were to classical music. #
  • Giant wood xylophone in this Japanese ad is insane: Video's untrammeled nature sound makes it serene beyond description. #
  • Next tweet via @superheronovels — which has nil to do with ambient sound except it's a good thing to read while listening. Thanks, Eric! #
  • If Twitter persists, I foresee myself doing away with "nothing" for "nil," "favorite" maybe for "fave," "San Francisco" maybe for "Frisco." #
  • Maybe "Are video games art?" is the lesser question. Maybe the more pressing question is "Are video games sport?" #
  • Neither free download from @rcrdlbl today is a remix. #
  • Someday I will walk by a tombstone that will read, simply, "Commented on his/her own photo." #facebook #
  • Wonderful footage from Portal 2 of turrets singing in harmony: via @alistdaily #
  • Got thank-you in mail for financial support of @votediego @diegobernalmusic candidacy for City Council in San Antonio. DJs for president! #
  • Faulivia definitely sounded momentarily like William Bell in her attempt to jump universes in Fringe. #cantbelieveijusttypedthatsentence #
  • Guy in cafe whose laptop plays synth version of Psycho cue for each new IM doesn't have a clue of idea it puts in heads of those around him. #
  • Equal number of Macs and PCs in this cafe, at least judging by laptop logos. Time for a game of Battleship, I think. #
  • Tuesday noon siren, filtered through laundry-machine shuddering and email-arrival beeping. #
  • And isn't this exactly what the alien invaders would want? RT @warrenellis SETI to shut down alien-seeking radio dishes #
  • Finished Osmond-Smith's Berio. Strong on mechanics, light on meaning. Nil on copyright, but we're hypersensitive today #
  • Steam appears to think I have played Chime for eight hours. I feel fairly confident this is not the case. #
  • "What are you doing with her mittens?" "I thought they were socks." "They're mittens." "I put them on her feet when we went out yesterday." #
  • Lone Wolf and Cub and Take-out. #
  • “@sepulchra: nothing like a bell to get a dog barking”#eartwit #
  • By today's copyright law, Berio's Sinfonia (1968-69) would have been in violation by interpolating Mahler's Symphony No. 2 (1895). #
  • Afternoon sounds: birdsong (through closed window), desktop computer fan/drive (across room), sleeping baby's breathing (by my side). #
  • Can't remember last time I actually kept my "desktop" computer on top of my desk. #
  • RIP, programmer/writer Karen Kenworthy, whose Power Tools email newsletter was an early shareware bright spot. #
  • … @JDKun put it better: "'copyright violation' has no single meaning and therefore should not be treated singularly" #
  • I said: "'copyright violation' is a succinct term applied to a wide and disparate array of activity." … But … #
  • Noon bells filtered through birds tweeting after the rain. (That's pre-Twitter tweeting on their part.) #
  • Homemade Cel-Ray”“style soda syrup even better day two. (And no artificial ingredients.) #
  • [email protected] The copyright filtering rankles, for sure. #soundcloud #
  • [email protected] And just to be clear, I don't think most websites, paid or not, are truly communities per se, just platforms for community. #
  • Wondering when the first (non-business) video-game story/event will be "worthy" of a major newspaper's "breaking news" email treatment. #
  • The gate's pretty loose. Please explain when you have a chance. @JDKun Soundcloud is a gated community, not a music community #
  • Genres don't die. They just slow down and take root. #
  • Likely that neighbors in two-block radius of our kitchen are aware I've made another batch of celery syrup for homestyle Cel-Ray soda. #
  • Wondering what the overlap in the U.S. is for audiences of Doctor Who and the royal wedding. #
  • Who public-edits the public editor? @xenijardin RT @felixsalmon: What on earth is "city itself on the bum" supposed to mean? #
  • Noticing that both the Beastie Boys and Paul Simon quote themselves on their new albums. #
  • a body picked at aggressively can give the impression of life #
  • Were DeLillo, Lucier or @greatdismal hip-hop heads they might've imagined an entire CD played in Madison Sq Garden #
  • RIP, Norio Ohga (b. 1930), opera singer who went on to be president of Sony & help develop CD @washingtonpost #
  • RIP, composer Peter Lieberson (b. 1946), via @dfelsenfeld @cbcarey #
  • Computer. Good point. RT @danielwalker_ Is fan for your hard drive or room. I feel the distinction must be made; I am a fellow sound-logger #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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