Ukulele Violence MP3

To acknowledge this month’s “Sketches of Sound” entry, here is a great example of production music — that is, of music for which the term “post-production” would be redundant. The ukulele provides just one of the many pieces of recorded matter that are picked apart, snipped, truncated, and looped out of context to an overwhelming percussive impact. The track’s title, “Violence,” may be intended for giggles, as the music is anything but violent, but it may also be a nod to the somewhat extreme effects that are routinely employed on unsuspecting instruments in the service of such studio creations as this. The uke is plucked with a pointilist aridity, finding a parallel in a slowly undulating ambient warble, like hairpins wrapped in silk. As “Violence” proceeds, momentum builds, thanks in part to elements lifted from piano, and it gives the impression of some of the better film music of Thomas Newman.

The track is by Simple Eyes, about whom little else is known besides a Facebook account and a British point of origin. “Violence” originally posted at

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