Sketches of Sound 14: Brian Hagen

Every month since April 2010, has hosted a project called “Sketches of Sound,” in which illustrators are invited to draw a sound-related object. I post the drawing as the background of my Twitter account,, and then share a bit of information about the illustrator back on Call it “curating Twitter.”

For the 14th entry, Brian Hagen offered his services. Hagen is a cartoonist and illustrator; a survivor of Los Angeles, New Orleans, and graduate school; and now a happy Cincinnati resident. He loves the silent comedies of Chaplin and Keaton, and long walks in the subconscious. His most recent published comics appeared in the anthologies Twelve-Way with Cheese and Feast (Yer Eyes). Currently, he’s working with underground comic pioneer Justin Green (whose “Musical Legends” series of comics I edited in Pulse!) on their webcomic, Pen Grenades.

More of Hagen: comics:; illustrations: And

The previous “Sketches of Sound” contributors were, in alphabetical order, Brian Biggs, Leela Corman, Warren Craghead III, Owen Freeman, Dylan Horrocks, Megan Kelso, Minty Lewis, Natalia Ludmila, Darko Macan, Justin Orr, Hannes Pasqualini, Thorsten Sideb0ard, and Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca.

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