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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • RIP, bossa nova composer Billy Blanco (b. 1924). #
  • I'm now on Google+, but my cereal tastes the same. #
  • RT @vuzhmusic Saw this headline, thought it was a @disquiet post: Tender Noise-Sensing & Mapping the Ambient Noise in SF #
  • When unsubscribing from Madonna's email newsletter, you're asked why. One option is "Not interested in material." No girl, just material. #
  • People selling shovels made the real fortunes during the Gold Rush. The infrastructure-heavy Web 2.0 feels like a Virtual Shovel Gold Rush. #
  • Accidentally used the Long message option in TweetDeck. Had no intention to, and won't again. 140 characters is more than enough to … #
  • When "Budweiser Opening Act PResents" (perhaps the cap R is purposeful?) gets in touch via MySpace it may finally be time to end the account #
  • Afternoon sounds: the simultaneous whirs of a distant motorcycle, an airplane, and the desktop computer fan. #
  • The peculiar gray area in comment moderation: between "not appearing like you're trying to have the last word”¦ (cont) #
  • Many images of goats being prepped for dinner have been added to my short story on the execution of Mexican Emperor Maximilian #
  • One possible benefit of data-visualization craze: by making numbers "pretty" it may reduce the numbers=facts/words=opinion prejudice. #
  • We're discussing what might make @soundcloud even better and whether it is cloud-based "Pay to Play": #
  • Tasty evening beats: cowboy electronica from @pauladaunt #
  • Sorting books. So many by DeLillo, Auster, (Joanna) Scott, Ellroy, (Mark) Strand. Volumes of poetry just because Auster edited them. #
  • I own two books on Rube Goldberg (one by Marzio, the other by Keller), both of them awkwardly horizontal. #
  • RT @gurdonark I've become a huge believer in the 5-minute animated short, accompanied only by music. #
  • Even as a huge admirer of Dennis Potter, I've had enough TV musicals. I'd like more silent television. #
  • Mass PR emails don't kill people. Being asked repeatedly why you didn't reply to a mass emailing can lead to health disorders. #
  • Upgraded to WordPress 3.2. #
  • Banana chips sound like poker chips. #
  • RT @geetadayal Tip for bands: Sending your album to me as a zip file encoded at bitrate 128 is not a good way to get your record reviewed #
  • Wishing someone would make an animated GIF of the cover of Africa HiTech's album 93 Million Miles. #
  • In a few moments, the hard drives will be silenced for the night. It's the sonic equivalent of drinking cold sparkling water. #
  • Previous comment was an interesting addition to our ongoing music/photography discussion: #
  • "There are hundreds of variables being considered at any moment, much like a great solo from an improvising jazz musician" #
  • I'd ask if there's a spam filter in WordPress to delete "So-and-so already did that" comments, but I assume someone has already asked. #
  • The creator of Otomata says: RT @earslap Send me your favorite Otomata pieces and I'll include them in the upcoming iOS version #
  • Kind of Blew #
  • The Kind of Bloop thing isn't "music vs photography." It's "original music composition vs portrait photography that's commercial packaging." #
  • Kind of a bummer: Android's default browser doesn't animate animated GIFs? #
  • The first indignity of death is when people learn your true full name. Goodbye, Edwin Parker (Cy) Twombly, Jr. #
  • RIP, visual artist and onetime Army cryptographer Cy Twombly (b. 1928). #
  • The foghorns today have that "Zeus left his cellphone on vibrate" vibe. #
  • Mono.Kultur's ECM iPad mag-app is nice, especially being free, but 334MB seems excessive: (App rec via @benjamindauer) #
  • July 5 is when we celebrate random percussion in the US, as revelers slowly wake and fire off their remaining works. #
  • From inside my home in San Francisco the fireworks outside sound like a New Orleans thunderstorm without the rain. #
  • Another regular event I hope to check out next time I am in Los Angeles: #
  • Every July 4, the Dave Alvin song kicks on in my head and doesn't stop until bed. It's now playing (internally) as of a minute ago. #
  • I'll say this for Bandcamp, it's nifty that if you jump from a track on an album page to the track's page, it picks up where it left off. #
  • "When in the course of events it's necessary for people to dissolve bands that connected them and recombine them as samples" #altdeclaration #
  • "Whenever any Government becomes destructive, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, remix it or mash it up" #altdeclaration #
  • "all men are created equal … endowed by Tyler, the Creator, with certain unalienable Rights" #altdeclaration #
  • Speaking of independence, short fictions I wrote about short-lived emperor of Mexico, Maximilian: & #
  • Days leading up to July 4 are more enjoyable from sound standpoint, occasional bursts of distant hard white noise. Well, when it's distant. #
  • The lovely @NodeBeat generative music app for #ios by @sethsandler & @soulwire is free through July 4: #
  • Typing "Beastie" into @SoundCloud and hitting play isn't a bad way to spend an afternoon. #
  • 500+:435:38 = number of groups on @soundcloud whose names include, respectively, the words "house," "experimental" and "drone" #
  • You will not hate yourself, or me, for going to & clicking on the 5th track. Glitchy poppy scintillating. #
  • [email protected] Glad to chip in. "Curate" is a useful word that's being rendered useless due to rampant misuse. #
  • Who's working out needed changes to copyright law in advance of the Singularity? #
  • Blade Stroller #budgetnoir #
  • Pick Up Stix on South Street #budgetnoir #
  • The Inbox Always Beeps Twice #budgetnoir #
  • The Short Nap #budgetnoir #
  • The Maltese Tweet #budgetnoir #
  • Chinese Takeout #budgetnoir #
  • Hey, Bandcamp's embed player isn't breaking my site's HTML anymore. Maybe it wasn't my site's fault all along? #
  • If you dig old signs, follow @susangrayblue — she is driving from Nashville to San Francisco and yfrogging great shots. #
  • "though I’m loath to view myself as an activist, I might accept the idea of being a catalyst" –David Byrne #wordchoice #
  • Know astrophysics? Help @defjaf identify men in old photo shot at Mark I telescope at Jodrell Bank: #
  • Technically it's not raining on Soundcloud. It's pouring. So much music. #
  • I heard the weatherman say / Be well, be happy and gay / but on @soundcloud it is raining #
  • It's sunny outside without one cloud in the sky, but on @soundcloud it's raining (thanks to @wcraghead) #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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