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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • I'll be at San Francisco Zinefest Saturday. If we run into each other, I'll have minicomics of the Sketches of Sound series. #
  • PR emails that begin "Hello %$firstname$%" are my favorite. #
  • Turned off a drone MP3 only for the world's drones — a plane, the dryer, the fridge, and on and on — to become all the more apparent. #
  • Synaesthesia, quantum physics, secular beatification: more on my Nature piece about the Richard Feynman graphic novel: #
  • Current worst trend in email PR: use of false "Re:" in a subject line to suggest existence of prior related communication. #
  • This month's free University of Chicago ebook is The Score, one of the great hardboiled Parker novels by Westlake/Stark #
  • The new (9/1) issue of Nature features my interview with the author of the new Richard Feynman graphic novel: (paywall) #
  • Is there a Mylar app I can use to protect my overpriced "digital day-and-date" e-comics? #
  • Today's my wife's first "gave-birth-day." Which is to say, our kid was born a year ago today. The closer one listens, the slower time flies. #
  • Learned that the soda drone posted yesterday was from a Sprite Zero bottle. Helpful liner note detail. #
  • Love emails that go: "Here is a drone I made using only the sound of me blowing air through a 20 oz plastic soda bottle" #
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco amid chatter and clatter of Sichuan restaurant. #
  • Synthesis is virtual foley. #
  • Guessing the amount of battery life gained by experimenting with Ubuntu to my Win7 netbook will equal the time required to master it. #
  • Morning sounds: outside fog matches white-noise buzz of desktop computer's fan and hard drive. #
  • Typewriter pecked at from neighboring room at SF Public Library. Walls covered by Hamilton/Chamberlain mural made from old catalog cards #
  • ResophNotes hasn't been updated since December 2010. Windows needs a more competitive @simplenoteapp environment. #
  • Occasional reminder: If you do the Facebook, there's a "page" you might "Like": #
  • I remember asking circa 1989 why Metallica wasn't on a Willner or Zorn tribute LP. Was told their management didn't think it was a good idea #
  • Lou Reed + Metallica + Hal Willner? Very much looking forward to November 1 of this year, which is when their album Lulu is released. #
  • RIP, Japanese voice actor Junpei Takiguchi (b. 1931), who was both the Millennium Earl in the D.Gray-Man anime & Grandpa in the Simpsons dub #
  • Sure sign you've reached a deep level of phone tech support: there is no hold music, just silence. #
  • Five films on sound in Berkeley @BAMPFA this September: #
  • Thanks to Caesar Meadows of New Orleans (& @jigsawjct) for drawing my current Twitter background, up all month. More at #
  • RIP, music critic and Detroit chronicler Dan Sicko (42), author of Techno Rebels: The Renegades of Electronic Funk #
  • Evening sounds: foghorn in impromptu duet with plane buzzing overhead. #
  • The next "Sketches of Sound" image for my Twitter background is pretty darn funny. Goes live later today. #
  • Potato tacos look like Minecraft #
  • Another great iOS sound app diversifies. RT @NodeBeat: The Android version of NodeBeat is currently in the beta testing phase. #
  • Afternoon sounds: phone conversation muffled by wall, the percussion of baby toys, washing-machine rumble. #
  • New Christian Marclay exhibit opens at Fraenkel Gallery in SF on Sept 8. Runs through Oct 29. He's also playing at SFMEF this year. #415 #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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