The Spiritual Drone (MP3)

Spirituals are about faith, and so it is a leap of faith that one takes when absorbing the deep dark drone that is Crypsis, a recent single-track release by Horchata. This is because the Crypsis drone, solitary and harmonically dense as it appears to be, reportedly was derived from spirituals. “Each of the song elements, there are 10 of them in this long one-hour ambient song, are from popular spirituals,” explains Horchata in a brief liner note at the releasing netlabel, “I took the overall song structure and chord progression and used drones and long evolving sounds.” To listen for the spirituals in Crypsis seems counterproductive. To listen for something is to fail to listen to something. Take the composer at his word as to the source material, and then just bask in the room-filling buzz (MP3).


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