In the Clouds

This site covers often ethereal music and sound, so it makes sense that it is now, as of today, hosted in the cloud.

The technological switch from standard hosting to cloud hosting may result in some turbulence, so if you happen upon any broken pages or other issues, please report them to [email protected] Thanks.

2 thoughts on “In the Clouds

    1. Hi. is hosted on, which has great customer service. (I wish it made subdomains part of the package, and I wish its email service was heftier, and I wish it allowed email-newsletter software to be hosted on its servers — but it’s really been great.)

      Anyhow, the Squid recently started offering cloud-hosting packages, and when I signed up for it, they provided pretty straightforward instructions on how to accomplish it. I hit two snags (related to email) but they were sorted out. I am only so-so with this technical back-end stuff, and I benefited heavily (majorly heavily) from the assistance of

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