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Listening to art.
Playing with audio.
Sounding out technology.
Composing in code.

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  • "Operation Further Simplify the Design of" begins in earnest today. #
  • "You can't have a knife, sweetie." Words overheard from the kitchen. #
  • Saw Steve Berlin & band do live score for way dark 1928 Russian silent film tonight. Truly special event at @idelsohnsociety's Tikva Records #
  • Thanks for posting my ode to American Pop's "ecstatic conflation." RT @BoingBoing Saturday in SF: Ralph Bakshi at Tikva Records #
  • [email protected] I promise I'm not saying filter more. That's what I was getting at about "realtime" (vs "prolix"). Aural diaries are important. in reply to ambienteer #
  • Bingo RT @Billforman Me too (e.g. was new Massive Attack legit?) RT @disquiet Wondering if verified accounts would be of use @soundcloud #
  • i.e., Fauxtechre. RT @qDot: @disquiet verified @soundcloud accounts make me wonder about possibilities of audio "fake steve jobs" equivalent #
  • Wondering if verified accounts (a la @twitter) would be of use @soundcloud. #
  • Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross have now scored two films about socially awkward people using computers to invade others' privacy #
  • Based on the first six tracks, I feel comfortable thinking the Dragon Tattoo score will be even more impressive than the Social Network one. #
  • Somehow only just last night made the connection that @ambienteer is the same person who does the website. #
  • Judging by six free tracks, Reznor/Ross Dragon Tattoo score (due Dec. 9) is strong evidence against completing your top 10 list in Nov. #
  • How many .DS_Store files does it take to fill my Macbook Air? #
  • What's Hebrew for "crate digger"? At opening of Tikva Records on Mission in San Francisco: #
  • Took peek at most viewed posts on site for year. If they stay as is, it's a pretty great bunch, even if best-of-2010 items clog it a little. #
  • They're all years. Gibson/Ellis are way futuristic. RT @a_w_young: @disquiet your follower count looks like a year and that makes me jealous #
  • Am digging @ThisIsMyJam (currently in beta). Be nice if interface managed to inspire more participants to briefly describe their jam. #
  • There are days when the benefits of the manic simplicity of @simplenoteapp become clear. Today is one. #
  • RIP, GamePro. #
  • OK, is back online after hosting issues. Today's pick, Aeroc's "For Sake," is pop-iest thing on the site in some time. #
  • Dec. 1, 2011: Thus begins my official culling of PR email. I wake often to 100 in the morning. These will be reduced. #
  • For those with access to the beta: #
  • Your PR database only gets granular as "special features section/books-literature"? You're doing no one (client, press) favors save yourself #
  • appears to be down. Must be turbulence in the clouds. Up soon. #
  • Last night was asked to name a place apart from time. I thought of Hanoi. Today, stumbled upon these field recordings: #
  • OS X Lion could use 1/16th the number of keyboard-lighting settings and 16x the number of volume-level settings. #
  • I'm confused. Remember all the "Grammy Awards to formally recognize 'video game music'" stories? Where are those among today's nominations? #
  • What's great about's "Creative Commons music" coverage is its focus on "Creative Commons" rather than "music." #
  • The 6pm bells sound like a Nathaniel Hawthorne short story read against the David Cronenberg one told by passing traffic. #
  • Institutions often prefer the gibberish of intra-industry dog-whistling over language that communicates clearly across borders. #
  • It's telling that many fields insist on referring intrinsically to their own self-contained "industry" (music, video games, comics). #
  • Note for locals/visitors: Dan Dan Noodle at Peking on Noriega in San Francisco is quasi-off-menu (i.e., only on the Chinese menu). #
  • Apparent current goal is to try every Tan Tan (or Dan Dan) Mein/Noodle in San Francisco. Currently at Peking on Noriega. #
  • Response just submitted to PR-firm survey: "automated nature of emails reflects poorly on the music, making it look automated by extension." #
  • On Basel-as-SXSW: @wcraghead Different, yes. Similarity: simulacrum of going out to galleries/shows; "prosumer" everyone's-an-insider vibe. in reply to wcraghead #
  • Art Basel Miami is the SXSW of the art world (based at least on the volume of "you're not here" email). #
  • 2nd only to my '97 Oval interview, this '11 piece gets around. RT @dpnem: @disquiet on how to start a netlabel #ccmusic #
  • See, it's already happening. That was fast. RT @mystified131: @disquiet @vuzhmusic nah, no disagreements. . . #
  • We're seeing serious fruition of @vuzhmusic's desire for more communication about netlabels. Next step: more (constructive) disagreement. in reply to vuzhmusic #
  • The Twitter avatar known as @dpnem is doing something special at #cc #netlabel #copyleft #free #download #share #
  • The @jewseum has Kenneth Silverman, Houdini bio author, speaking on 12/8. To most people reading this, he's author of recent John Cage bio. #
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco, echoing as one slightly out-of-sync speaker after another fades in. Distance probably plays a role too. #
  • The nadir of PR-email professionalism is an opt-out button. It says, "We don't tailor our email news. You get everything or nothing." #
  • Enjoyable tangent to Steve Berlin show: band member @crystalscucc scored the 1920 silent film The Golem #
  • Berlin's band for the show is crazy: @scottamendola @ralph_carney @crystalscucc + Twitter-less Eric Drew Feldman & Karl Alfonso Evangelista #
  • The @idelsohnsociety just posted my interview with Steve Berlin of @LosLobosBand on scoring a 1928 Russian silent film: #
  • That EMI/manga comparison wasn't a criticism. The EMI Studios of the 1960s gave us Rubber Soul and Revolver, just for starters. #
  • Intense foghorns this evening, and just now perfectly out of pitch with drone of passing aircraft. #
  • Reading about how EMI Records functioned in the '60s reminds me a lot of how manga is made to this day in Japan. #
  • Sleepytime mashup: trying to sing my 15-month-old's favorite book, Sandra Boynton's Personal Penguin, to the Depeche Mode song #
  • In which I finally have an opportunity to draw comparison between Potter's Singing Detective and Bakshi's American Pop: #
  • Could you surf today, see if anything broke? Switched to cloud hosting. Thanks, @LS_Hosting +! #
  • Next month Sketches of Sound illustration: boombox by Jaime Crespo ( Beaut. Can't wait to share. #
  • "Rock and roll ain't noise pollution." "Noise pollution is industrial music." #
  • The silence you're currently experiencing is a delay before Twitter erupts with comments about Martin Gore / Vince Clarke collaboration. #
  • And 1971 Jasia Reichardt: RT @geetadayal: Celebrate Cyber Monday by reading classic texts on cybernetics #
  • Yeah! Here's Haque on Gordon Pask RT @geetadayal: Celebrate Cyber Monday by reading some classic texts on cybernetics. #
  • "They all drowned when the air turned #1B3F8B / 'Cos we didn't give a toss" —The Hex Pistols #
  • Following up non-violence tweet, great point on power of "deafening silence." RT @alexismadrigal: Soundscape of #Occupy #
  • I'll be asking folks to click around once the site switches hosting/DNS. Please keep an eye out for the assist request. #
  • One step closer to a cloud-hosted Splitting the MX record to host email elsewhere caused confusion, but almost there. #
  • If any movement should read up on non-violence, it's the one opposed to noise pollution. Making noise about noise is not a solution. #
  • Psychology of "noise": No SFO flights day after 9//11, "but complaints were lodged nevertheless." via @thebaycitizen #
  • New York Times correction of the day: "It was for $285 million, not $28 million." What's a decimals point between friends? #
  • 3 MP3s by @mrotondo who's in @notrobwalker story on @smule in @nytmag #
  • Cool! I'll tweet 2 more. RT @notrobwalker: Bonus for Smule story readers, music by Mike Rotondo, via @disquiet: #
  • Apparently the "cyber" in "Cyber Monday" means "promotional-email overload." #
  • RIP, Ken Russell (b. 1927), director of Altered States, Tommy; biographer of erotic life of composers #
  • Man, would I ever. RT @stephenbetts: @disquiet you would have loved ambient sounds of my piano being removed from our 1st floor flat #
  • Locked-groove fans: It took EMI employee 9 tries to get the one at end of Sgt. Pepper's right. Had to cut full side each time. #
  • Eric Drew Feldman (Captain Beefheart) not "Friedman" is in Steve Berlin's film band. (Web search suggests I'm not first to make the error.) #
  • Copyright Timecops rush to 1966 to cite Beatles for using splices to cover up pre-existing brass band material in "Yellow Submarine." #
  • Moving to cloud hosting today. Probably not visible to the outside world, except for potential DNS gap. #
  • Realizing I've seen most of the major members of Black Flag perform live (Ginn, Kira, Henry, Dukowski, Biscuits), but all separately. #
  • “For me, chamber music is the epitome of civilization." RIP, Olga Bloom (b.1919). Created NYC's Bargemusic #
  • Beep! Thanks to Michael Bartalos (aka @bartalos) for the bicycle horns that adorn my Twitter page. More on him at #
  • Many thanks to @scottapeshot (aka Scott Gilbert) for original illustration that ran as my Twitter background this past month. #
  • Sketches of Sound series on asks illustrators to draw sound-related objects, sans people. Result: objects become characters. #
  • Anyone out there recommend from experience multi-terabyte data storage (LiveDrive, Iozeta, Beecloud, BackBlaze)? More into size than backup. #
  • "Finder can’t quit because some operations are still in progress" no less annoying simply because more elegantly displayed. #
  • Happy knowing that somewhere someone is now planning on doing FDV (Fugazi Data Visualization) toward an MA or PhD. #
  • At least two Fugazi shows I attended are not yet available for download: 1991/09/03 and 1993/05/01. #waitingroom #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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