Russian Post-Turntable Turntablism (MP3s)

The Dusted Wax netlabel continues its forays into post-turntable turntablism with Mizontiq‘s A Room Without Mirrors. The album, coming in at 14 tracks, ranges widely, from downtempo lounge to spaced-out jams. There are two certain highlights: “Vocain” takes an Eartha Kitt”“ish wail and turns it into something akin to a muted Jimi Hendrix solo, filtered amid blissfully detuned drums and a fuzzed-out bass solo (MP3). “The Walls Have Ears” seems, like “Vociain,” to take a pre-existing soul track as its source material, and then proceeds to break up the drums and muffle the vocal, heightening the reverberations while desiccating the original (MP3); if Serge Gainsbourg had been Om Records’ house producer, it might have sounded like this.

[audio:|titles=”Vocain”|artists=Mizontiq] [audio:|titles=”The Walls Have Ears”|artists=Mizontiq]

Get the full set at More on Mizontiq, who’s based in Russia (where exactly is unclear), at his page.

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