Cross-Country Dreamtime (MP3)

Matthew Barlow tracks a sonic course

The less we know, the easier for the imagination to draw seemingly self-evident correlations. Two points make a straight line, and in the case of musician Matthew Barlow, who goes by AllDaySleep, those two points of late have been Sedona, Arizona, and Asheville, North Carolina. Barlow and his wife just moved from the former to the latter. “Clouds Moving Across an Endless Sky” was recorded in one or the other, at the start or end of the trip, or perhaps somewhere in between. The track’s title certainly suggests the way the world’s ceiling presents itself during an extended journey: an unbroken cover whose expansiveness challenges the brain’s comprehension of space, time, and proximity. And the music, a cautious cumulus of light textures, telegraphs the odd mixture of stasis and momentum that characterize a lengthy drive, especially one that marks a point of transition in one’s life.

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