Disquiet Helps Inaugurate New Soundcloud Podcast

In which we discuss community organization as a form of curatorial practice

Yesterday, the great sound-hosting service Soundcloud.com posted a 15-minute podcast in which Jami Welch interviewed me about various Disquiet-related projects, in particular the Instagr/am/bient collection, and the ongoing Disquiet Junto projects.

As of now, the podcast has had over 4,000 listens, which is a rewarding experience. It is helping to get word out about all the amazing work that the contributors to these projects have produced — and, perhaps, expanding the participatory base for the Junto:

Welch is himself a musician. He records as Seams, and he participated in the sixth Junto project, in which people were asked to remix the sound of three archival Edison cylinders (in his case yielding the track “Ebb”). He brought this personal experience to the conversation. (He also tweeted about the production process of the podcast audio, including at one point linking to a screenshot of his efforts.)

It turns out, our conversation was the first in a new podcast from the service, called SoundCloud Speaks. Welch asked great questions. Perhaps the most intriguing thing he said, though, came in the form not of a question but an observation, when he mentioned how there was a “narrative” to the Disquiet Junto. He’s quite right about that. For all the extent to which the individual projects are intended to stand alone, there are various threads connecting them. One of the enjoyable challenges of organizing the series is sorting out what sequence of projects will be most rewarding for the participants and a broader range of listeners.

The podcast is housed on two pages: on the company’s blog.soundcloud.com page, and on its soundcloud.com/community-team page.

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