New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Street sounds. Shot while with @boondesign, a block from the street for which the filter is named. #415 #
  • RT @markrushtoncom: re my Tweet linked in Yep, it’s true! I’m still processing the advances. Cc @otolythe @HILOBROW #
  • Wow. Almost 4,000 people in 24 hours listened to the interview in which we discuss the creative benefits of restraint. #
  • The RIAA’s vision of the future of the home stereo. #
  • This is Anthony Braxton’s new jam: #
  • Severed cockroach leg as music visualizer. #ted #
  • #longweids RT @otolythe: @HILOBROW #longreads interview w/ @disquiet on #Junto eno,franklin,pessoa,philipsz,remix #
  • Major thanks @iamseams (Jami Welch) for this tremendous podcast opportunity: 3500 listens in less than 24 hours. Crazy. #
  • Thanks! RT @debcha: Great interview with Marc Weidenbaum (behind the Junto project and Instagr/am/bient) at @hilobrow: #
  • Thanks, man. RJDJ rules. RT @dizzybanjo: New podcast from @soundcloud ft @disquiet & the junto I have been part of #
  • Bill Nye: Vampire Killer #TED #
  • Upcoming Disquiet Junto themes: reflective remixing, program music, graphic scoring, aural comics. Current: cross-species collaboration. #
  • Disquiet Junto #9 is announced. Combine provided sounds of guitar & bird song into one original track: #
  • The theme for the ninth Junto project: cross-species collaboration. #
  • Disquiet Junto project #9 TBA shortly. More tuneful than recent text/ural ones. Of course, participants have final say in that regard. #
  • Proud to help inaugurate this great new series. RT @SoundCloud: Introducing our new podcast ‘SoundCloud Speaks’. #
  • The gap between my understanding of Tom Waits and the fact that his Magical Trunk has repeatedly wanted me to play with it on Facebook. #
  • I guess the final print edition of @ShonenJump is out. Proud to have edited it for 5 years, eventually as Editor-in-Chief. #manga #milestone #
  • Not watching #TED today. Intermittent TED-tweeting will resume Friday morning, 8:30am California time. #
  • Thanks! RT @otolythe: Sometimes the best secret societies aren’t secret at all: listen up with #DisquietJunto @HILOBROW #
  • Super great. RT @debcha Great report/overview of Junto project by @otolythe. RT @HILOBROW: NEW TODAY: Disquiet Junto #
  • Disappointed only made 1/3 of its goal. Really wish I’d done more to push it. Fortunately, the site goes on. #
  • Fine-tuning the next Junto. Bunch of good stuff coming. Lemme know if you want on the email announcement list. #
  • Excellent. RT @iamseams: Working on the edit of my interview with @disquiet for the new @soundcloud podcast I’m making: #
  • Belatedly joining the #TED stream today. #
  • RIP, Davy Jones (b. 1945) of the Monkees. Tonight I’ll listen to his “Your Personal Penguin” (by Sandra Boynton) with my 18-month-old. :( #
  • If Emma Hendrix’s (@Irezicle) beat-ification of Ben Franklin’s autobiography doesn’t wake you up, nothing will: #junto #
  • Makes sense TED opened with music from Peter Gabriel’s Last Temptation score, since all the speakers are using his wireless headset. #
  • Mesmerized by the mass gesticulations of audience members waiting for TED to resume for the 5pm talks. #
  • “Even through the squeaks of his hearing aids … his understanding of music was profound.” Michael Tilson Thomas on his dad, Ted. #TED #
  • “Of all my sculptures, this one is the most talkative.” Reuben Margolin at #TED #
  • Biggest thing I’ve learned so far today is you can do worse than setting @zoecello as the root of your @pandora_radio station. #
  • I had a math fail. I’m now all the more qualified to make optimistic tech predictions. RT @richardnixon: @disquiet 13,005 x 3 = 39,015 #math #
  • Dow closes above 1/3 of 36,000 for first time since May 2008. Seems appropriate, timed to #TED #039;s opening day. #wiredpredictions #
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco while Peter Diamandis makes the familiar case that the present is the best present there’s been. #TED #
  • Brian Greene made it through his string-theory/multiverse presentation without mentioning The Authority. #conspiracy #TED #
  • TED opened with musical variations on a cellphone ring. #
  • I’ll be watching TED for much of the week (while working on things). Anything/body sound-y I should keep an ear out for? Please lemme know. #
  • Evening sounds: passing cars, bouncing basketball, footsteps, neighbor’s music (very quiet), crackle of TV (now off) slowly cooling. #
  • Bunch of new Junto participants this week; 47 tracks so far. Remixed Ben Franklin faces almost as fun as the sounds: #
  • The nerve! Kids treating toys like toys. RT @my_fun: @disquiet I’ve had to repair the toy piano … due to my daughters pounding on it #
  • Been a long day. I meant 18-month-old. #
  • My 16-month-old is developing the prepared ukulele. I said, “Play more softly.” This resulted in the improvised use of a butterfly plushie. #
  • Details & pre-order info on @JohnKannenberg‘s forthcoming exhibit catalog, for which I wrote the foreword: #
  • From the distance, I always think it is Jefferson and Washington. #415 #ggpark #
  • With 24 hours left, 3 dozen sentences from Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography have been turned into audio art in Junto 8 #
  • If you love “sf but not sf” reviewing: “owes at least as much to fairy tale and myth as it does to science fiction” #
  • Johnny Cash would have turned 80 Sunday. #
  • Nice. At least one person’s using text-to-voice in the Franklin autobio Junto: “a loud and clear voice” #
  • Had we assigned text for the Benjamin Franklin autobio remix we coulda done a Randy Greif”“style collective revision of a chunk of it. #junto #
  • Maybe Mac-user bonding has less to do with branding & OS finery, more to do with knowing whom to ask to borrow a power cable from in a cafe. #
  • Street sounds #415 #
  • “Just rework a song from your last record.” #obliquefailurestrategies #
  • Funny @jbutlerjbutler focused on fire depts using Leafcutter John’s software since latter makes me think of hydrophones in reply to jbutlerjbutler #
  • Google should loan one of its “beta” tags to Apple so Apple can put it on Lion’s full-screen and Spaces implementations. #
  • As someone who listens to a lot of film scores and instrumental hip-hop, I wanna hear what Zimmer/Pharrell are up to: #
  • Lineup at Wulf in LA makes me wanna move there. Not going to, of course. My life’s here. But I need to visit even more often. #
  • Junto participant from Tilburg, Netherlands, locates word “Junto” in Benjamin Franklin’s text and makes the most of it: #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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